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Guide to Cooking Your Favorite Kind of Eggs on the Traeger

Posted by mmillet on April 11, 2014

Guide to Cooking Your Favorite Kind of Eggs on the Traeger

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day (or at least the first...for most people) you know that we couldn't leave the Traeger out of the action.

The first lesson in Traeger Breakfast 101 is Eggs. Eggs truly are incredible, not to mention edible. And anything that's a friend of bacon's is a friend of ours!

To keep your eggs coming off the Traeger with the greatest of ease and tasting perfect, we've put together a little guide to help you along the way to Traeger'ing your favorite eggs and becoming the mighty Egg Master.



Eggs (of course)
Cast iron skillet
Muffin tin (optional)
Butter or olive oil
Saucepan and lid (for poached egg)
Spatula or Slotted Spoon
Salt and pepper
Favorite egg toppings - cheese, ketchup, salsa, etc.
Your appetite


After the fire is established, preheat the Traeger to 325 degrees F. Place the eggs (a dozen or however many you want) in a muffin tin for easy removal off and onto the Traeger and cook for 25 to 30 minutes. Immediately plunge the eggs into an ice bath to stop the cooking. Peel and enjoy or devil! (BONUS - when you Traeger your eggs this way they are so much easier to peel!)



Start with a hot cast iron skillet - preheating it and the Traeger to 325 degrees F. Add either a tablespoon of butter or a tablespoon of olive oil into the skillet and swirl around the pan. One of the best tricks to keeping the yolks whole is to crack the eggs into a ramekin or bowl and then gently slide them into the pan.

Quickly lift the handle just enough to make the egg pool slightly on the far side. This will help prevent the albumin from running out all over the pan and keep the egg together.

After you pour the egg into the pan, allow the egg to sit for 6 minutes or until the whites seem mostly firm, opaque but not completely cooked yet. Gently flip the egg over with a spatula. Let the egg cook on the second side for 10 seconds and then flip the egg back over again and season with salt and pepper and you're done!



Follow the same steps as above, preheating the Traeger and cast iron skillet to 325 degrees F, but add in a bit more butter or olive oil - about 2 tablespoons.

Gently slide the egg into the pan and let it sit for 5 minutes. Use a large spoon to delicately spoon the hot butter over top of the egg repeatedly to lightly cook the top. Season with salt and pepper and dig in.

Guide to Cooking Your Favorite Kind of Eggs on the Traeger


Same as above, preheat the Traeger and cast iron skillet to 325 degrees F, adding in a couple tablespoons of butter or olive oil. Whisk together two to three eggs with a couple tablespoons of milk and a pinch of salt and pepper. (Feel free to get creative and add in your favorite scrambled eggs fixins' - bacon, diced ham, chopped peppers, mushrooms, etc.)

Add the eggs into the skillet and tip so that the eggs stay together on one side of the pan. Don't tough the eggs for a couple minutes, or until you see the edges start to set up. Once about 30% of the eggs is set up, gently break up the eggs. But only stir them a couple of times. The more you mess with your scrambled eggs, the tougher and more rubbery they become. It's easy to overcook scrambled eggs, so watch them and pull them off while they're still a little soft. Top with cheese and serve them hot.



Start preheating the Traeger to High heat. Fill a saucepan with enough water to come an inch or two up the side. Add in 1 teaspoon kosher salt and 2 teaspoons white vinegar. (Don't worry - you won't be able to taste the vinegar but it will help the egg hold together.) Place the pot on the Traeger and let it come to a boil (about 20 minutes).

Crack a very cold, large, fresh egg into a ramekin or small bowl. Use a spoon to quickly stir the water around the pan in one direction in a circle. (If you want to poach a large batch of eggs - more than one or two - use a large 12-inch skillet and do not stir the water.)

While the water is spinning, carefully ease the egg into the center of the whirlpool. The swirling water will help prevent the white from "feathering," or spreading out in the pan.

After you add in the egg, remove it from the Traeger and set it to the side with the lid on. Let the egg sit and poach for 5 minutes. (Resist the overwhelming temptation to peek or stir the egg while it poaches.)


Use a slotted spoon to lift the egg out and season and serve the masterpiece immediately.

Guide to Cooking Your Favorite Kind of Eggs on the Traeger

Need we mention how delicious these would be in our Eggs Benedict with Pulled Pork??

Now go break some eggs and enjoy breakfast Traeger-style!