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Not What You Think, Provolone Grilled Cheese

Posted by mcastaneda on April 18, 2014

Not What You Think, Provolone Grilled Cheese

If your house is anything like mine, meal times come up quick with our hectic schedule. A lot of times you really don't have the time with the kids asking the question, "When is dinner?" Have no fear my friends, this quick and painless appetizer will be a big hit at the house and will quiet all those questions, after all, you have work to do. This dish also makes great party, and game day food. We are sure this will be a go to dish in your family real soon!

Not what you think, Grilled Cheese

PREP TIME: 4 minutes, for Traeger to prepare
COOK TIME: 20 minutes
RECOMMENDED PELLETS: Hickory and Cherry wood


2 small French baguettes

1 small 3/4 lb round of Provolone cheese

2 tsp sliced green onion

1 tsp olive oil



Start the Traeger on Smoke with the lid open until the fire is established (4 to 5 minutes). While the grill is starting to smoke, slice up 2 teaspoons of green onion and slice your 3/4 lb provolone cheese round in half so as to have 2 cheese rounds with half the thickness.



Next get your baguettes ready by slicing them at an angle to add more surface area for grilling. Once this is complete drizzle olive oil over the bread and put a little in the bottom of the pan you're going to cook your cheese in. I personally used 2 small cast iron skillets but you can use any oven safe vessel you have.



After your pan(s) are nice and oiled up, drop your cheese circles into the pan. Make sure you put your cheese on the grill while the temperature is still set to smoke. Leave the cheese on the smoke setting for 2 minutes, this will allow the cheese to pick up a nice, subtle smoke flavor. Once the two minutes are up kick the grill up to high. This will give your cheese time to thoroughly heat up so it's nice and melted when time is up.


Not What You Think, Provolone Grilled Cheese


Once you shut the lid set your timer for 10 minutes. Might seem like a long time but once you get into the kitchen and working on dinner you'll be right back outside to collect your delicious, melty treasure. When the 10 minutes are up take your bread outside and place the oiled side down to the heat, this will give you a beautiful golden color to it. Grill for 5 minutes while your cheese continues to melt. Once the 5 minutes are up you're ready to pull your cheese and bread from your grill. Top with green onion and enjoy.


Not What You Think, Provolone Grilled Cheese


There you have it, very quick, very easy way to buy yourself a little time for dinner!