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Smoky And Spicy St. Louis Dry Rubbed Ribs

Posted by bpaulich on May 4, 2014

Smoky And Spicy St. Louis Dry Rubbed Ribs

Here at the Traeger test kitchen we recently experimented with a number of rib recipes. This smoky spiced St. Louis dry rubbed rib was one that came out too good not to share. We feel there is not a whole lot better than ribs on the Traeger! When doing a wet or dry rubbed rib, you want to make sure they're a little more fatty like the St. Louis style rib. It can work with babybacks, but we recommend St. Louis. The reason you want a more fatty rib is because you don't have that bbq sauce behind it to help with the moistness of the rib. We hope you enjoy these at your next family or neighborhood get together. 

Smoky Spiced St. Louis Dry Rubbed Ribs

PREP TIME: 10 minutes

COOK TIme: 4 hours


1/4 Cup of brown sugar

1 Tablespoon smoked paprika

1/2 Tablespoon red pepper flakes (Or more if you like it spicy)

1 Tablespoon garlic salt

1 Tablespoon onion powder

1 Tablespoon cumin

1 Teaspoon of ground coriander 


Start the Traeger on smoke with the lid open until the fire is established (4 to 5 minutes) While the grill is heating up mix all the dry rub ingredients, mixing together with your hand or a spoon. Rub the ribs generously with the rub. You can even do this the night before to get some extra flavor. Once the rub is on the ribs it's time to smoke them up. Leave on smoke, and smoke them for two hours. After 2 hours you should have an awesome smoke ring, and smoke flavor.

After two hours of smoke you need raise the temp. to 225 degrees, and transfer the ribs into a foil pan, or make a foil tent. Then pour a cup and a half to two cups of apple juice in the pan, and then cook for another two hours. 

Smoky And Spicy St. Louis Dry Rubbed Ribs

After the two hours are up let rest for 5 to 10 minutes, then cut and serve! Let us know how you enjoyed our dry rub!