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Smoky Cheddar-Pork Burgers

Posted by mmillet on May 20, 2014

Smoky Cheddar-Pork Burgers

It's time to take brief hiatus from beef's monopoly on the burger. The truth is that after some smoke and high heat on the Traeger any ground meat can taste delightful and absolutely perfect for a summertime barbecue, cause thank goodness it's that time again!

Pork, of course, never disappoints. Pork and cheese? Well fuh-get about it! Just like their cousin, pulled pork, these Smoky Cheddar-Pork Burgers pair wonderfully with some extra barbecue sauce and homemade coleslaw.

Get this recipe from our Traeger cookbook staple, Traeger's Everyday Cookbook.


PREP TIME: 10 minutes
COOK TIME: 1 hour and 15 minutes, including smoke time


• 2 pounds ground pork, cold
• 1 cup grated Cheddar cheese
• 2 tablespoons Traeger Regular Barbecue Sauce, or your favorite barbecue sauce, plus more for serving
• 2 tablespoons grated onion (optional)
• 2 tablespoons Traeger Pork and Poultry Shake, or your favorite barbecue rub, or more to taste
• 4 hamburger buns, for serving
• Slices of your favorite cheese for topping, optional
• Your favorite condiments (sliced onions, pickles, tomatoes, etc.)


Put the pork, cheese, onion, if using, and Traeger Regular Barbecue Sauce in a mixing bowl. Run cold water over your hands, and use them to mix the meat, cheese, and seasonings. Rewet your hands if necessary.

Form the meat mixture into 4 equal patties, and use your thumbs to form a large shallow depression on one side of each patty. (This will keep the burgers from bulging in the middle when grilled.) Season both sides of each patty with the Traeger Pork and Poultry Shake.

When ready to cook, start the Traeger grill on Smoke with the lid open until the fire is established (4 to 5 minutes).

Arrange the burgers, depression-side down, on the grill grate and smoke for 30 minutes.

Increase the temperature to 300 degrees F. Grill the burgers until an instant-read meat thermometer reads 160 degrees F, about 45 minutes.

Turn the burgers halfway through the grilling time and top with some additional slices of cheese during the last couple minutes of cooking, if you want an extra helping of cheese.

After you remove the burgers, let them rest for 2 to 3 minutes before serving to let the juices redistribute themselves. If desired, toast the buns on the Traeger for a couple of minutes to get that crisp crunch.

Smoky Cheddar-Pork Burgers

Serve on buns with additional Traeger Regular Barbecue Sauce and/or your favorite toppings and condiments.

Smoky Cheddar-Pork Burgers


Smoky Cheddar Pork Burgers Recipe.docx (12.59 kb)