Awesome Allegro Pork Tenderloin

Author: michael32

Prep Time: 240 minutes
Cook Time: 300 minutes
Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Pork Tenderloin

Preperation Steps
  • pork tenderloin on traeger: first let your pork tenderloin sit in the frig atleast 4 hrs in Allegro Original Marinade. Next turn traeger on smoke for 5mins, then turn to high setting for about 10-15 mins so grill is hot. place loin in Traeger and turn temp back to smoke and let it smoke for 4hrs. after smoking, take loin back off grill and wrap with bacon strips. place back on traeger and place temp at 350 for about 45mins to 1hr, watching bacon and checking temp of loin with Traeger meat and poultry thermometer.once temp reaches 165-170, remove and place in pan & remove bacon strips, cut meat into 1/2 to 3/4" slices and then pour a little Allegro over sliced meat. enjoy!