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Mexican Chorizo Breakfast Casserole Sometimes we forget about all of the amazing things that we can Traeger for breakfast. (poor, neglected breakfast) Luckily, we have found an unforgettable breakfast casserole recipe, which we tweaked to fill with THREE kinds of pork. (that's right!) And we amped up the cheese factor, as every good breakfast does, making sure it's covered with a toasted cheesy crust. Type: Post
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Grilled Buffalo Blue-Cheese Corn Fresh, golden ears of corn are coming into your farmer's markets, supermarkets and gardens in droves right about now. And they taste so deliciously sweet that you've probably been tempted to devour them raw a time or two. Well, hold off on the corn feast until after you try our Buffalo Corn, a recipe concocted by recipe guru, Nancy Loseke. It's a quick recipe (perfect for tailgating) that harnesses all of those finger-licking "buffalo" flavors with a hot sauce-butter, a sprinkle of celery salt and a generous heaping of blue cheese. Type: Post
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Roasted Jalapeno Cheddar Deviled Eggs Easter is almost upon us and that means a lot of things to a lot of people, but here at Traeger HQ it mostly means delectable ham and flavorful stuffed deviled eggs. Sure you can stick with the traditional boiled egg/mayo combination, but if you've got a Traeger then please don't. Type: Post
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Juicy Brined Chicken Breasts with Mandarin Glaze Brining is the key to saturating meat with flavor and bursting-at-the-seams juiciness - especially when it comes to poultry. (If you haven't tried brining your Thanksgiving turkey, you've got to try it!) Brining is simply soaking the meat in a salt/water/and usually sugar mixture. Top it off with one of our favorite sauces, our Mandarin Glaze, and you've got a quick home-cooked homerun on your hands. Type: Post
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Traeger Tools: Salmon Spatula with Blackened Saskatchewan Salmon There is a pride and satisfaction to be had in cooking a beautiful whole fillet of fish. It makes you feel like the fish has been taken fresh out of the river and put on your plate. (for some of you avid fishermen, that just may be the case!) The problem is trying to figure out how to handle that big slab of fish without either juggling it between two spatulas or ending up with a massacred piece (or pieces) of fish. Type: Post
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HOMEMADE BEER-BRAISED CORNED BEEF BRISKET "QUESTION: Does “corned beef” raise the specter in your mind of pinkish chopped meat and congealed fat compressed in a Spam-like tin? Or do you associate the term with a s ..." Type: Post
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Brisket 101: The Epitome of Low & Slow As most experienced grillers and barbecuers will tell you, beef brisket is one of the most challenging cuts of meat to cook properly. In fact, we’ve heard it said that it’s a little like playing checkers: It only takes a few minutes to learn the game, but it can take a lifetime to master. Well, folks, not if you own a Traeger. Type: Post
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Maple Bacon Pull Aparts If your family is like mine, you are split down the middle about what makes the ideal breakfast meal. Half of us love the indulgent, sweet stuff in the morning. The other half consistently request more savory side of breakfast. We either end up cooking 2 different things for breakfast or half of us cede victory to whoever weilded the spatula and graciously eat whatever was prepared for us. It is no way to live, people. It is this breakfast battle that led me to this particular recipe. Perhaps you have tried these Cinnamon Pull Aparts. They are outstanding. I would eat them for breakfast everyday, but in an effort to satisfy my husband's meat tooth I added a few little alterations and these beauties were born. Type: Post
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Valentine's Day Feast to Impress There’s a day circled in red on your calendar and it’s creeping closer. It’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve got two days to figure out how to woo and wow that special someone in your life. It’s time to prove your love. We know you can hear your Traeger calling your name. There’s no better way to show someone that you love them than by hitting them in their sweet spot. It’s medically proven that there’s a direct path from your stomach to your heart. Okay, so maybe that's not true but it should be. Here’s a meal that will win over the heart and stomach of the love of your life. Type: Post
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Traeger's 4 Most Popular Wing Recipes Sometimes it's not a question of whether or not to make wings but rather which wings to make? We thought it would be quite appropriate, with the Final Four coming up, to give you the top four favorite wing recipes, a.k.a - the "Wing Final Four" and let YOU decide which wing you think should win the top spot. Let's meet our contenders... Type: Post
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Thanksgiving Tips From Traeger Thanksgiving Tips From Traeger Type: Post
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Barbecued Chicken Quesadillas Here at Traeger, we love to test the waters and see what these amazing grills are really capable of. Sure, you know they are amazing at turning out top notch brisket, pulled pork, and ribs, but how often do you utilize your grill for every day meals? We want to you to feel like your Traeger is the rockstar of your theoretical culinary band. Tyring out simple recipes like these delicious and fast quesadillas can really turn your Traeger into a daily appliance opposed to a weekend hobby. Even the easiest and most common of meals taste better than you imagined when you are cooking it on your Traeger! Type: Post
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Traeger Rib Rack and Baby Back Ribs with Maple-Bourbon Glaze We all know and love the 3-2-1 Baby Back Ribs and without a doubt they are fall-off-the-bone, slap-your-mama good. But perhaps you're in a time crunch or just may want to explore some other kinds of ribs. These Baby Back Ribs with Maple-Bourbon Glaze are definitely worth discovering. And let's be honest. Can you ever have too many ribs? Well, Traeger is one step ahead of you. To make sure you never come up short, we have for you, Traeger Nation, our Rib Rack. Type: Post
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Day-After Breakfast: Ham & Egg Cups Hot breakfasts taste so much better than that cold bowl of soggy cereal. There's something about the smell of sizzling eggs, ham and cheese grilling away that makes you instantly start salivating. Even better? This breakfast is fast, delicious and simple with only three ingredients. Type: Post
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Traeger Thanksgiving: Sausage & Sage Stuffing Stuff if you must but this "stuffing" is good whether you cook it inside or outside of the bird. (If you like the crunchy edges definitely go for outside.) The sausage gives this stuffing enough meatiness to keep you piling on the seconds even after the turkey is gone. It's herby, savory and oh-so comforting with the perfect bit of tangy-sweetness. Type: Post
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Smoked New England Clam Chowder If there's one thing New England knows how to do right, it's clam chowder. It's a steamy, creamy bowl of clam-filled comfort. If this doesn't soothe your troubles away and put you into a satisfied, sleepy stupor, we don't know what will. Type: Post
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Buffalo Chicken Deep Dish Pizza Bites Pizza is one of the favorite football-watching snacks. Now, it may not have won a Vince Lombardi trophy...at least not yet. But we'll come back to that. Right up there, also at the top of the list are buffalo wings. You get where we're going with this. Mash-up time! Bite-sized pizza with spicy buffalo chicken, cooling blue cheese and crispy bacon. And yes, we daresay that these are trophy-worthy. Type: Post
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Roasted Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus Sometimes pork can be a bit confusing - not that we're going to complain because as long as it comes from a pig and is cooked on the Traeger, we'll eat it with a big smile. When it comes to bacon, pancetta and prosciutto, sometimes you scratch your head and think, "What's the difference between these again??" They certainly all taste delicious! Type: Post
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Traeger's Chicken Pot Pie There is nothing more comforting than a homemade Chicken Pot Pie. Sadly, many people feel intimidated because it seems like a lengthy process. Here at Traeger, we take pride in creating dishes that are not only delicious, but simple enough for any home cook. Our version of this classic recipe calls for leftover chicken (Chicken C, anyone?) and a store bought crust. Easy Peasy! Type: Post
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Smoke-Roasted Chicken with Herbed Butter & Roasted Potatoes Chicken on the Traeger is almost guaranteed to be fall-apart juicy and tender with that perfect cracklin' skin but sometimes they always don't have as much flavor as you'd like. We have a solution that starts with crafting your own seasoned butter loaded with fresh herbs and a bit of lemony tang. Type: Post
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