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Traeger Thanksgiving: Stuffed Turkey Breast in a Bacon Weave We all know that a beautiful, golden turkey will be the star of your Thanksgiving. But what if that turkey was wrapped in bacon? Your turkey would become legend! After several failed attempts at creating a full turkey wrapped in bacon, we discovered the genuis of the turkey breast. You see, if you wrap the turkey in bacon and then cook, the bacon gets burned. If you wait to put the bacon on late in the cooking process, the skin has already crisped and the fatty bacon melts around the skin and makes a rubbery mess (yuck). By using just the turkey breast, we were able to really infuse the lean turkey meat with the extra richness and flavor from the bacon without overcooking anything. The turkey meat is tender and bursting with salty, bacon-ey goodness and the stuffing inside is some of the best we've ever tasted. Give this one a try for your family's holiday feasting, but be warned; they'll ask you to cook the turkey every year for the rest of forever. Type: Post
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Everything You Need To Know Thanksgiving approaches and with that, we here at Team Traeger wanted to bring you the most comprehensive gathering of information available when it comes to turkey and your Traeger. The most important aspects of a killer turkey are flavor and texture. You want a turkey that tastes like turkey layered with subtle flavors and a kiss of Traeger's signature smoke. For texture, you want meat that is melt in your mouth juicy without turning to mush or taking an hour to chew. We can walk you through the entire process from brining to basting to get you the turkey you will dream of until next Thanskgiving (or next week). Read on to get the answers to the most common turkey-related questions we get every year. Type: Post
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Traeger's Thanksgiving Smoky Spatchcocked Turkey Here at Team Traeger, we have cooked enough turkeys over the years to feed every pilgrim on the Mayflower. We were fully convinced that we had done it all. Brine, dry brine, rub, stuff, smoke, roast... you name it. We've cooked it. We thought we knew the very best way to prep that glorious bird and please every palate. Then, one fateful Tuesday we were roasting up this spatchcocked chicken and the thought dawned on us that the method would likely translate well to a turkey as well. Turns out, we weren't the first people to think of it (thanks for the buzz kill, internet) but we were the first to perfect it because we threw that flattened turkey on our Traeger. We all know that wood smoke makes everything more delicious. Type: Post
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Turkey Leftovers: Turkey Tetrazzini And Cover Blubber Admit it, second to the great feast on Thursday we all look forward to the leftovers! Heck, we even cook a few extra pounds of turkey, ham or beef and some additional casseroles of stuffing to ensure we've got a few nights of easy, guaranteed-to-please meals and don't forget those midnight snacks, of course. (Don't we all love that midnight turkey-cranberry-stuffing sandwich enjoyed by the dim light of the refrigerator?) When talking about leftovers you've got a myriad of options for reviving them. There's always the head-to-toe warming turkey soup and a variety of creative sandwich options. But don't forget to make sure that you store your leftovers properly. Once the food has cooled, store all of the remnants in containers with tight-fitting lids. Or to save time, and because you know that you lose all energy as soon as you get hit by that potent L-tryptophan, just stick some CoverBlubber on the bowls and you're done! Type: Post
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Injected Herb Roasted Turkey I know, I know. Turkey is typical Thanksgiving fare. Just take a leap of faith on this one. Turkey is usually cheaper than a spiral sliced ham per pound this time of year, feeds a crowd, makes a beautiful presentation, and (when cooked on your Traeger) tastes divine. Trust us. Make this turkey and be the superstar of your family gathering. Type: Post
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Traeger Grills Brined and Smoked Turkey Breast If this is your year to cook the family some turkey and you're already stressing, fear not. This easy recipe is fool proof. If you can follow instructions, you can make a glorious turkey breast the whole family will enjoy! No stress needed. Type: Post
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Slow-Smoked Maple & Bourbon Brined Turkey Let's cut the stuffing and talk turkey. We all want that prize turkey that makes your heart swell with pride the moment you majestically place that golden brown turkey on its crowning pedestal. All you need is that perfect recipe. You know you can count on us to deliver. Type: Post
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Traeger's Pulled Turkey Sandwiches Don't start the riots quite yet. Nobody is saying we should throw out pulled pork. (That's a federal crime, right?) But sometimes you just can't resist the affordable prices on turkey thighs, which you might just be surprised how easily they can be pulled and how crazy-delicious they are. After a good smoke, these turkey thighs develop the perfect smoky barbecue flavor and you'll save yourself a few bucks which doesn't happen as often as we'd all like nowadays. Type: Post
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Cajun Brined Maple Smoked Turkey Breast There is nothing quite like a smoked turkey. Brine that turkey for a day or two before smoking and you will take your turkey game to an entirely new (and juicy) level. Turkey breasts are easily available year round these days, not just at Thanksgiving, and they make an absolutely delicious main dish. They are easy to prepare and cook, are fairly inexpensive, and can feed a crowd with very little manual labor involved. Type: Post
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Autumn Cider Brined Turkey Breast To make sure Thanksgiving dinner goes smoothly, we like to have a little pre-Thanksgiving test run of the menu. (Plus it certainly doesn't hurt to get twice the smoked turkey deliciousness!) We like to call it our "T-day Practice Drill". Type: Post
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"Stuffing in Every Bite" Turkey "In our dreams our perfect Thanksgiving bite would be a fork-full of sensationally seasoned, moist turkey topped with carb-loaded stuffing and a generous dripping of creamy gravy. (Yes, we dream in s ..." Type: Post
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Feelin' the Heat Turkey Jerky Jerky never gets old, does it? But despite that fact, we like to keep our favorite dried meat snack interesting. So we phoned a friend, our reliable go-to, hot peppers and an oft-neglected (except during the month of November) friend, turkey. That's right. We're firing up the Traeger to smoke some turkey jerky! Type: Post
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Traeger Tailgating: Injected Drunken Smoked Turkey Legs The #1 requirement for tailgating (or any football game, for that matter) is MEAT. The spicier, the smokier, the bourbony-er, the better. You want a hunk of meat with a convenient handle that you can tear into like a shark on Shark Week. Your wish is our command. We give you Drunken Smoked Turkey Legs. After a leisurely soak in a bourbon/brown sugar/hot sauce bath, we give the turkey legs a good smoke to seal in all of that deeply developed flavor. The end result is a tailgating eat that will be the envy of every face painted fan in the stadium. Type: Post
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Smoked Turkey Legs Tear into our Smoked Turkey Legs and unleash your inner viking. These drumsticks aren’t a wimpy, wing night special, they’re big on flavor with a crusted outside and juicy turkey inside. Get Medieval on your week with this slow smoked, wood-fired entrée. Type: Post
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Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Turkey Legs Fit for a King Everyone deserves that indulgent experience when you feel like a king perched high upon his bejeweled throne, voraciously gnawing on a gigantic leg of turkey. Sure, you can go to Disneyland and buy one OR you could turn on your Traeger and smoke some legs yourself. We figured since we're already indulging, might as well go all the way and wrap some bacon around those legs. (We couldn't help ourselves!) With each succulent bite you take you'll feel just like ole King Henry VIII. Just don't get too carried away ordering around the servants. Type: Post
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Traeger's Turkey Cooking Guide We receive several questions regarding cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey on the Traeger. We will provide you with all the answers to ensure your Thanksgiving Turkey will be amazing! Type: Post
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Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf We absolutely love meatloaf cooked on the Traeger, in all of its' tasty variations. I mean, we've made Cajun Style Meatloaf, Chili Glazed Meatloaf, even BBQ Chipotle Meatloaf. There is just something exciting about taking an old stand-by dinner and turning it into a most-requested family favorite simply by adding some new ingredients and cooking it on a Traeger. In this delicious variation, we used lean ground turkey instead of the traditional ground beef and filled the meatloaf with a tasty mixture of onions, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. Oh, and then we topped it with bacon. Because, you know, bacon. So do yourself a solid favor and take meatloaf night up a notch on the flavor pole. Type: Post
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Turkey Stuffing Bacon Bombs with Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly "Holiday appetizer, mind blowing side dish, or perfect way to use up those leftovers? ALL OF THE ABOVE! (Sorry for the yelling)These little gems have all the fantastic elements of old school comfort ..." Type: Post
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Traeger Tailgating: Smoked Turkey Jalapeno Meatballs We love tailgating food that requires little effort and big flavor come game time so we can enjoy our food AND our company. Prep these tasty meatballs and the glaze in advance. Simply smoke and cook on your PTG or Junior (with the collapsible legs of course), toss the meatballs in the glaze and serve with toothpicks. Easy clean-up too! Don't worry about the spice, the jalapenos add just the right touch of flavor. If you like it spicy, include the pepper seeds in the mix. Type: Post
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How To Brine A Turkey Infographic How to brine a turkey, brining tips, Type: Post
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