Traeger can help you have a delicious and fun Thanksgiving — get answers for your Thanksgiving questions with our top 10 tips below. No matter how many guests you have coming to devour wood-fired food, give them a feast to remember. 

Thanksgiving Troubleshooting and Fixes


What if…I don’t know whether to brine or season my turkey? 

Fix: We recommend both! Brine for 15 to 20 hours, rinse, and then season with your favorite rub. Check out our Brining Guide for more details.

What if…you’re not sure what size turkey fits on the Traeger? 

Fix: A 22 pound bird fits nicely inside the Lil’ Tex, Texas, Select, or Traeger XL grill models. If you have a Junior or Tailgater, a 12 pound bird fits well, or you can always spatchcock a larger bird.

What if…you don’t know when that beautiful bird is ready?

Fix: Use a digital thermometer to check the turkey. It’s best to check in-between the thigh and the drum — you’re looking for an internal temperature of 160 degrees F on the turkey leg. Once taken off the grill, the turkey will continue to cook and should reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. 

What turkey is done early?

Fix: Remove it from the Traeger, wrap in foil, then a towel, and place in an empty cooler. This will help insulate the bird and maintain the moisture and deliciousness.

What turkey is not done on time?

Fix: Wrap it in foil and crank the grill temperature up to 375 degrees F — this will help the bird cook faster. Be sure the thickest part of the breast reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees F. After it is pulled off the grill it will continue to cook and reach 165 degrees F. 

What Traeger turns off half way through the cook session?

Fix: Put the bird in the oven to keep warm. Check out our Traeger troubleshooting help and videos here. It’s important to not allow the bird to sit out on the counter, especially if the internal temperature is below 165 degrees F.

What if…the bird is drying out?

Fix: Baste the turkey every 30 minutes, with either butter or oil.

What turkey legs are burning?

Fix: Wrap them in foil to protect those succulent legs. 

What if…It’s cold outside and the Traeger is not getting to temp?

Fix: Use your trusty insulation blanket to keep the heat in. If you don’t have a Traeger insulation blanket, use a welding blanket. Don’t use either if the outside temperature is above 32 degrees F.

What if…you’re not sure what flavor of pellets to use for your Thanksgiving feast?

Fix: Our resident pit master Curtis Nations recommends using a mild pellet flavor, such as Apple, Cherry, or Alder for your Thanksgiving feast including turkey, ham, potatoes, veggies, and pies. 


What if...the in-laws show up with their own food?

Fix: Put it on the Traeger to add some delicious smoked flavor.

What if...your NFL team is losing?

Fix: Turn to Traegered food for comfort.

What if...your car breaks down on the way to Thanksgiving dinner?

Fix: Get out, sniff the air for wood-fired flavor, and follow the Traeger aromas to crash a #TraegerThanksgiving.

What if...Grandpa starts talking politics?

Fix: Fill his mouth with wood-fired food.

What don’t have room for seconds?

Fix: Play duck, duck, goose around the table for 15 minutes, then dive in for seconds (or thirds).

What if...there are no seconds?

Fix: Traeger anything left in the fridge.

Make your #TraegerThanksgiving delicious and stock up on hardwood pellets so that you have enough fuel for your Thanksgiving fire. Enjoy!