Traegers are simple to operate. Just turn it on, and in a few short minutes, you are ready to begin cooking.


Starting the Traeger is as simple as lifting the lid and turning the controller to the smoke setting and waiting for 8 to 10 minutes. The igniter rod will activate for the first 4 minutes and will automatically light the pellets as they are fed into the firepot. No Matches! No lighter fluid! No giant fireball to burn your eyelashes!

Clean Up

For simple cleanup, simply line the drip pan with heavy duty aluminum foil. The drip pan will channel all of the drippings out of the grill and into a grease bucket for easy disposal. This grease system will keep the inside of your grill clean and dry. To clean your Traeger, simply remove the old foil on your drip pan and replace it with new.

Care and Use

Your Traeger is built to last for years with minimal effort. Here are a few things we recommend to keep your Traeger in top running condition:

Once a month, we recommend that you remove the excess hardwood ash that will accumulate inside and around the firepot. (Always make sure that your grill is completely cool) To remove the ash, simply scoop it out with a small brush and dustpan or vacuum it out with a shop-vac. After just a few minutes, you will be ready to go.

We recommend protecting your investment from the elements with a Traeger Hydrotuff Grill Cover.


Let the Traeger grill do the work for you... just set your desired temperature, place your food on the grill and then relax!! The grill will do the rest... leaving you to take all of the credit for your hard work!

No Firefighting

You don't ever have to worry about drippings flaring up and causing those nasty fireballs that destroy your meal, because Traeger Wood Pellet Grills are designed to cook utilizing indirect heat. All drippings are safely channeled outside of the cooking chamber into a bucket for easy disposal. This feature simplifies your role as the cook! Now you don't have to stand guard and babysit the grill! (Traeger tip: Many experts agree that indirect heat gives you the best of grilling and barbecuing without the drawbacks of either. It is also a much more forgiving.)

Temperature Control

What could be easier than setting your desired temperature and then walking away? With Traeger, you can trust that the grill will maintain temperature for several hours or even all night long. No more hassles, no more fussing. Now you can go ahead and watch that game, work in the yard or just sit back and relax – knowing that your Traeger is monitoring and maintaining your desired temperature setting.


Traegers are designed to circulate hot, smoky air around the food, cooking it evenly on all sides. Forget the hassles of assembling a rotisserie or the constant turning of your food to make sure that it is cooked evenly on all sides. Convection technology combined with hardwood fuel makes your Traeger experience flavorful and simple.