• Bacon-Wrapped Elk Steaks

    For a savory addition to thick cut elk steaks, wrap that trophy meat in bacon. Bacon wrapped steaks are a delicacy that’s primed for date night. Read more

  • Bison Burger with Shrimp & Longaniza

    This burger is surf 'n' turf on a bun, stacked with bison, shrimp, and longaniza, it tastes like a power-house, professional meal. Longaniza is a Mexican pork sausage that's flavored with chiles and spices, like chorizo. Luscious wood smoke pulls the flavors together to create something that goes beyond plain old burgers. Read more

  • Bison Tomahawk Steak

    Let that thick cut of fresh bison shine with this simple smoked bison steak recipe. Read more

  • Duck Fat Fries (Confit)

    Confit is French for huge fat flavor. This dish is served in fancy French cafes. We show you how to pull this off in your faithful Traeger. The idea is to bathe the duck in its own fat to keep it crispy, and make the meat fall-off-the-bone juicy. Read more

  • Traeger Duck Poppers

    Make jalapeno poppers explode with flavor. Try adding duck breasts and bacon to the cream cheese mixture for a flavorful finger food that will wow your guests. Read more

  • Elk Kabobs

    Wield your Traeger skewers and soak your big game elk in seriously delicious sass, this elk skewer recipe has a spicy marinade that highlights the natural flavors of the elk. Get ready to fire these up weekly, they’re bound to be a new family favorite. Read more

  • Wild Elk Tenderloin Kabobs

    John Dudley, Traeger Pro and avid hunter, Traegers his smoky elk skewers for his family all year round. Make this tangy smoked elk recipe your new family favorite. Read more

  • Grilled Duck Breasts

    Smoked duck is often a traditional Christmas dish, so give your festive feast the Traeger twist by wood-firing this delicious duck recipe. Read more

  • Grilled Elk Tenderloin

    Whether it's your trophy or someone shared theirs with you, let the unique and natural flavors of Elk Tenderloin shine with simple seasonings. Its deep beef flavor melts in your mouth. Read more

  • Grilled Frog Legs with Creole Dipping Sauce

    Our Southern-style frog legs are smoky, spicy, & down right meaty. So switch up chicken wing night, these smoked frog legs have got more kick. Read more

  • Cornish Game Hens

    If you have a hard time sharing, these perfectly portioned game hens will do the trick. Your guests will feel like a VIP when presented with a personalized chicken. We've used basic spices so that the natural flavors can shine. Read more

  • Cornish Game In Mandarin Glaze

    Fresh from the hunt these Traeger roasted Cornish game hens will be the sweet meat of triumph. Read more

  • Healthy Mushroom Bison Sliders

    Toss the bun and make them petite, this protein-rich finger food is a fun and healthy appetizer. They’re capped in mushrooms for easy handling and taste Traeger-tastic. Read more

  • Roast Goose

    Upgrade a holiday feast and swap the turkey out for a golden goose. Roasted on the Traeger ensures that extra layers of flavor will be infused. Top with gravy made from drippings and savor every bite of this scintillating meal. Read more

  • Smoked Elk Steaks with Caramelized Onions

    If you’ve followed the bugle of a bull and brought home an 8 point elk, it’s only natural to infuse it with primal, wood-fired smoke. These elk steaks taste more delicious than your favorite cut at the best steak house. Read more

  • Teriyaki Deer Jerky Recipe

    This homemade spicy venison jerky will make your mouth water for more. Smoky pepper and teriyaki jerky is a high protein snack that will last through hours of stalking your big game prey. Read more