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BBQ Mitt
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This isn’t your Grandma’s oven mitt. This heavy-duty silicone mitt was designed specifically with BBQ in mind. It’s heat resistant up to 500 degrees, easy to clean, and lined with 100% cotton for added insulation and comfort. The red silicone is texturized so your grip never slips, helping you avoid burns and spills in smokin’ style. You may want to pick one up for Gran while you’re at it.

  • Heavy Duty Silicone, Heat Resistant up to 500°F
  • Non-Slip Grip for Improved Safety
  • 100% Cotton Lining for Added Insulation and Comfort

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Protect your hands when you grab that hot batch of deliciousness off the grill. Keep your mitts cool with the soft, cotton lining in your Traeger silicone oven mitt. The non-slip grip and heat resistant material will make sure you meal is in good hands.

Product Features

  • Grill Safely

    Keep the hot hot heat of your fire safely at bay with heavy-duty silicone protection.

  • Clean Easier

    This heat resistant silicone is quick to clean. It's dishwasher safe and never holds on to odors.

  • Traeger Logo

    Let everyone know that you're a member of Team Traeger with our classic Traeger logo stitched in plain sight.


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