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where BBQ competitors and enthusiasts come together for the love of smoke


The American Royal—The World Series of BBQ, the quintessential, long awaited annual BBQ competition event held at the Kansas City Speedway where BBQ competitors and enthusiasts come together for the love of smoke. Two competitions are held during the weekend where teams are given the opportunity to show off their BBQ skills on the big stage. The premiere event is the Invitational, where competing teams had to qualify in the 12 months prior. The Open is held on day two where anyone can enter and compete for a chance to become a Reserve Grand Champion.  The event is all about competing and sharing in the love of BBQ, and where there’s smoke, you can find our Traeger team amid it all. Our team showed up to compete and serve some kickass BBQ.

American Royal 2017

American Royal 2017



Our team arrived Friday, September 1st where we kicked off the event at our booth with a “Traeger Owners Exclusive Hour.” The event was designed to show our loyal customers some wood-fired love. Our pitmasters dished out Snake River Farms reverse seared tri-tip samples and Top Shelf Utah raised everyone’s spirits with their specialty Traeger grilled cocktails. The booth was open to the public soon after where the fun continued with a rib sandwich eating contest. The party didn’t stop there, we served mouthwatering brisket and pork belly tacos all night long with a special live performance by Traeger Pro Team member, Tim Montana & The Shrednecks. The booth was smokin’ and our guests rocked late into the evening for a night we won’t forget.

American Royal 2017

American Royal 2017



A long night of partying calls for a hearty breakfast and a quick hangover cure. We kicked off day two and lined our tables with an over-the-top BBQ breakfast complete with a crispy corned beef hash & a Traeger smoked Bloody Mary bar. The booth was packed throughout the day with Traeger enthusiasts who were looking for a good time and good BBQ. Pulled pork sliders doused in Traeger Sweet & Heat BBQ sauce were on the menu and the crowd couldn’t get enough of ‘em. Another rib sandwich eating contest was had and this time the ladies were represented well as the only woman who participated took home the grand prize. Our team worked hard all weekend, but we sure played hard. The American Royal was as kickass as our Traeger BBQ.

American Royal 2017

American Royal 2017



4,000 Traeger samples were handed out throughout the weekend.

In the Open, 4 of the top 20 teams cooked on a Traeger:

• Redneck Scientific (2nd/Reserve Grand Champion)

• Utah BBQ Company (5th)

• Butcher BBQ (7th)  

• Dixie Moon (17th)

At the Open, we took the following in the overall categories:  

• 3rd in Chicken (Utah BBQ Company)

• 13th Chicken (Redneck Scientific)

• 15th Chicken (Dixie Moon)

• 1st place ribs (Sweet Swine O’Mine)

• 9th Ribs (Dixie Moon)

• 19th Pork (Utah BBQ Company)

• 5th Brisket (Redneck Scientific)

• 2nd Baked Beans (Tebo Creek Cookers)

In the Invitational, 2 of the top 15 teams cooked on a Traeger. 129 teams total

• Redneck Scientific (3rd)

• Montana Outlaw BBQ (10th)

In addition, at the Invitational, we took the following in the overall categories:

• 2nd Ribs (Redneck Scientific)

• 12th Chicken (Montana Outlaw BBQ)

• 7th place Brisket (Redneck Scientific)

• 12th Brisket (Rub My Rack)

BBQ is all about bringing people together around amazing food, and at Traeger, we have that same core value. We came, we smoked, we conquered.

American Royal 2017


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American Royal 2017

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