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Blake Shelton Star Sighting | Traeger Wood Fired Grills

by Traeger Grills on

Check out Blake bringing home the most flavorful hardwood smoker in the nation.

It’s a Traeger star sighting. Not only is Blake Shelton a classy guy and a true pro, he went pro by purchased a Pro grill for Gwen’s parents for Christmas. While Gwen shopped for some country-style duds, Blake spent time with her Dad sharing his affinity for hardwood-smoked flavor. A Traeger pellet grill is the perfect way to wood-fire your way into her heart and family.

With the Stefani’s Pro grill you get over 800 square inches of grilling glory. A wood pellet Traeger isn’t just a grill, it has 6-in-1 versatility and you can smoke, bake, roast, grill, braise, and barbecue any favorite recipe into a more flavorful masterpiece. The Pro Series grills have killer features to make cooking outdoors simple.

1. A Digital Pro Controller has dual meat probes and reads the internal temperature to a T.

2. It has a bonus elevated extra grill rack built in for even more real estate.

3. With an easy hopper clean-out door on the back of the hopper, change pellet flavors any time you like.

A Pro grill will fire up burgers and racks of ribs until your heart’s content. Here are a few ways the Pro grill will make you the favorite neighbor and most sought after friend on the block.

1. Host the 2016 Super Bowl party for your office fantasy football league as well as family and friends, and grill up marvelous meats and finger food galore.

2. Load it with heaps of fresh venison or elk for a post-hunt celebratory feast.

3. Even if you’re just a household of 2, the hardwood smoke flavor that this baby’s infuses is worth firing it up on the daily.

4. After a lazy day of the trout just jumping into your boat, fire up this Traeger and have a 24 fresh fish roast to toast to a day well spent.

5. Smoke heaps of beef all day long, while you and the crew relax, watch the playoffs, and drink brews.

If you haven’t invested in a Traeger, now is the time. Start 2016 meal planning off on a healthy note, no need to scrimp on flavor, with wood-fired food it’s delicious and healthy. Here are a few other Traeger celebrities that cook with wood and love their flavorful lifestyle.

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr., legendary NASCAR driver.

2. Terry Bradshaw, quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers.

3. Dannell Ellerbe, linebacker for the New Orleans Saints.

Go forth and Traeger, it’s simple and the most delicious way to cook. If you haven’t tasted the difference a Traeger smoker/grill makes—you need to.