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2015 Christmas Cook-Off | Traeger Wood Fired Grills

by Traeger Grills on

Keep calm and smoke on!

Wood fired enthusiasts fire up flavorful food year round, and cooking Christmas dinner outdoors is no exception. Thank you to all of the loyal Traegerites who snapped a picture of their festive Traegered food, it all looks super delicious. We’ve carefully selected our Top 10 Christmas Cook-Off Winners who will receive a 3-pack of hardwood pellets and a remote probe thermometer.

We hope you enjoyed cooking on your Traeger all through Christmas, potlucks, office parties, and neighborhood get-togethers. Don’t forget to ring in the New Year Traeger style just like these 10 grilling warriors. In no particular order, here are our prize pack winners.

christmas cook off

Nick Davies, a Yankees fan in Oregon, smoked a Christmas ham and basted it with apple Bourbon glaze to caramelize the exterior to beautiful hog heaven. Wood-smoked holiday ham has not only layers of basted deliciousness, it’s layered with hardwood smoke flavor. Thanks for Christmasing with your Traeger and posting to Twitter @Davies_Nick.

Christian Tames from Washington shared his delectable slab of medium rare prime rib that he Traegered with us on Instagram, and made mouths water across the country. What a festive, tender, and delicious meat for a Christmas feast. Thanks for sharing @radiostaticstar.

Bryan Tucker roasted the most herb encrusted, flavorful looking turkey on his Traeger that we’ve ever seen come out of the Windy City. His presentation was great and it tasted so good, it may be his new Christmas tradition. What a great tradition, moist and flavorful turkey is tasty all year round. Thanks for sharing on Twitter @bdt197931

Mike & Michele Zuege posted their Traeger roasted ham with a bacon weave to Facebook, they used a Traeger Recipe of the Week and doused these hams with pineapple and ginger beer. Thanks to their beautiful pigs slathered in pig, pork lovers from Wisconsin, across the Midwest ate their hearts out. Thank you!

Brian Holbach of NY created a masterpiece of whole bone in rib eye. He tied, rubbed, and Traeger-smoked them to perfection—he must be a pro. They look spicy and tenderly delicious. Thanks for sharing on Instagram @Rocklandroots.

Katie Ambrosi shared a picture of her brother’s first Traegered turkey that they roasted for Christmas dinner. The whole family agreed, it was the best turkey they’d ever eaten. That’s right, with a Traeger grill, the flavor is unique and wood-fired delicious, every single time. Thanks for sharing from California @kasparkles.

Rob Sanders in California smoked his Christmas ham and it was so good, he called it #pigcandy. That sounds amazing. Holiday ham is a Christmas tradition and if you Traeger it, it will traditionally be amazing with a layer of hardwood smoke flavor. Thanks or posting to Instagram @chef_rob_beez.

Jake Stewart stylized his Traegered salt crusted prime rib in Virginia for his holiday dinner and posted it to Twitter. That hunk of sweet meat is cooked to a perfect medium-rare, the sweet potato is a flavorful side to complete this amazing meal. Thank you for posting @jstewart319.

Luke Hansen of California tied, rubbed, and roasted this amazing roast beast of French cut, bone-in prime rib. It’s a fantastically festive meal that’s fit for a king. It looks mighty delicious. Thanks for sharing on Instagram @LukeHansen11.

Christopher Burkhart from Colorado shared his maple Bourbon brined Turkey on Facebook. He slow-roasted it on the Traeger and this bird is off the charts moist and toasted to absolute, flavorful perfection. Thanks for sharing, Christopher, you rock.

If you nominated someone to participate, thanks for sharing your affinity of wood-fired food. If you Traeger for all your holiday meals, we’re so glad you posted and shared your epic Traeger meals. Check out all the festive food Traegerites created on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #MyTraeger. Get ready to start the new year off on a flavorful note and keep your eyes peeled for the next Traeger cook-off.