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Traeger launched The Timberline grill to the world.

We unveiled our revolutionary and newest grill, The Timberline, to the world Wednesday March 29, 2017 at an exclusive launch event at Blue Sky Ranch outside of Park City, UT.

Timberline Grill Launch


In attendance were several of our Pro Team Members, including: Danielle “Diva Q” Bennet, John Dudley of NockonTV, and Chad Ward. Additionally, we invited several members of the media and avid Traeger fan and MMA fighter Chad Mendes to join the Timberline Launch Party. 


Timberline Grill Launch


The Timberline Launch was broadcast Live on Facebook and our website website -- every Traeger fan around the world was simultaneously introduced to the Timberline on their computer or phone. The broadcast was kicked off with a presentation, revealing the story of how the Timberline was created, followed by unveiling the grill's badass design and unique features.


Next, the Timberline 850 and 1300 grill models were shown in action outdoors with Diva Q and Chad Ward. The live broadcast was wrapped up with a live Q&A segment featuring some of Traeger’s executive team.


Timberline Grill Launch


Cocktail Competition 

Traeger followed up the exciting Timberline launch with a cocktail competition at Blue Sky Ranch. After receiving a brief cocktail education from Top Shelf, the crowd was broken up into five teams and competed in three rounds of cocktails. The Smokin’ Guns team, which included John Dudley, were crowned victors of the Cocktail Competition. 

Timberline Grill Launch


Cooking Competition 

The competition didn’t end at cocktails. Traeger put on a Chopped-themed Timberline cooking competition. The five teams were given a whole chicken and tasked with submitting a white meat and dark meat entry, of their choice, to the judges. Team Boosehounds, which included Chad Mendes, were awarded 1st place. Timberline Grill Launch


The day was full of excitement, fun, and a mountain of wood-fired food. Traeger is thrilled to have the Timberline on the market. Order your own Timberline and enjoy the revolutionary features. Find your Timberline dealer here

Be sure to also download the Traeger App, the perfect grilling companion for any member of Traeger Nation, whether you own a Timberline grill or not. 

Timberline Grill Launch

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