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Creating products that not only make damn good BBQ, but are also environmentally responsible

Being a wood-centered company, we understand the importance of trees not only to our company, but also to our environment as a whole. That’s why we found a way to give back by partnering with an organization called Tree Utah to plant new trees, shrubs, and brush with our employees and community. 

Traeger & Tree Utah

Tree Utah is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for Utah’s present and future generations through tree planting and education on the social and environmental benefits of trees. A cause we can definitely get behind. So we put on our gloves, grabbed our shovels and spent the afternoon planting trees with them at a nearby park.

Traeger & Tree Utah

Traeger & Tree Utah

Traeger believes in creating products that not only make damn good BBQ, but are also environmentally responsible. That’s why we manufacture pellets that are a renewable energy source made up of 100% all-natural and food safe hardwood. 

What makes our wood pellets environmentally friendly:

1. We do not harvest trees for our pellet production. Nearby sawmills bring in clean, green hardwood and we utilize the sawdust that would otherwise go to waste to make our pellets. These local U.S. mills enable us to oversee production on our own pellet mills from start to finish.

2. Traeger pellets burn clean, producing thin blue smoke, a byproduct of clean-burning wood that has a great aroma and isn’t too heavy.

3. Our blends are bark free, for a clean and efficient burn with less than 1% ash content. This translates into the perfect proportion of smoke to heat with minimal waste, infusing your food with rich, natural flavor.

Traeger & Tree Utah

Traeger & Tree Utah

We all depend on trees and our planet, and Traeger Grills is committed to reducing our impact on the environment through manufacturing high quality products and proactive involvement in our community.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Tree Utah and collaborating to improve the environment. Check out some of the other projects our Traeger team and community have done below.

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Traeger & Tree Utah

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