Chad Mendes

MMA Fighter, Pro Hunter


Chad is a former UFC fighter and founder of Finz & Featherz, a hunting and fishing guide service based out of Sacramento, California that allows him to share his passion for nature with other outdoor enthusiasts. When he’s not guiding or making appearances on one of several popular podcasts and TV shows, you can find him spending time with his family and cooking wild game on his grill.

His passion for hunting, fishing, and harvesting the meat, led Chad to become a field-to-table or as we like to call it, a “field-to-Traeger” guy.


Interview with Chad Mendes

Fat side down kinda guy! Love my meat to rest on a soft bed of deliciousness while it’s cooking.

Cast iron! I absolutely love the flavor that a hot cast-iron gives to the outside of meat. I also really enjoy creating low & slow dishes in my cast iron pots!

I've really started to enjoy offshore fishing for tuna and yellowtail the last few years. Filling my freezers with such amazing fish and being able to create so many different types of meals with it is something I absolutely love!

I remember the very first time I cooked something on my own. I was probably around 6 years old. I came downstairs super early before anyone was awake. I cracked a bunch of eggs in a bowl and added salt and pepper then mixed it just like I had watched my dad do so many times. I made everyone scrambled eggs and buttered toast for breakfast! It turned out great and I immediately fell in love with cooking and the joy it brings to family and friends.

Definitely a savory kinda guy. My weaknesses are chips and dip and salty foods!


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