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Traeger 'Que Cocktail

Trust us when we say that this is a wood-fired cocktail like no other. Grilled orange juice, Traeger BBQ sauce, lemon, honey, bourbon and beer come together to get your next party started right.

25 mins 7 Ingredients


Smoked Irish Coffee

Start your day off with wood-fired flavor and pour up a Smoked Irish Coffee. Fresh coffee, smoked whipped cream and a couple shots of your favorite Irish whiskey is all you’ll need.

20 mins 4 Ingredients


Smoked Hibiscus Sparkler

An aromatic infusion of hibiscus flowers combines with a smoked simple syrup to create this unique wood-fired sparkler.

40 mins 5 Ingredients


Smoked Salted Caramel White Russian

Smoked half and half + smoked ice cubes combine with Kahlua and vodka to make this Traeger’d up White Russian. The addition of drizzled salted caramel will have you and your crew pouring this up all night long.

30 mins 4 Ingredients


Grilled Jungle Juice

Let’s get ready to rumble with this jungle juice recipe. We’re grilling pineapples, strawberries, oranges and limes directly on the Traeger and dumping in some of our favorite spirits for all your rowdy friends.

35 mins 12 Ingredients


Game Day Micheladas

Pour up refreshing south of the border flavor and get ready for the big games with our Game Day Michelada recipe. Make sure you use Traeger Bloody Mary Mix for that signature smokin’ taste.

5 mins 6 Ingredients


Smoked Mulled Wine

Get the crew together and pour up this smoky mulled wine recipe. We’ve added whiskey and white rum to red wine and a host of spices for a smokin’ glass of goodness.

70 mins 8 Ingredients


Strawberry Mule Cocktail

We're adding smokin' sweetness to this mule. Strawberries are grilled and shaken with vodka, smoked syrup, lemon juice, ginger beer and served over crushed ice for a tangy, sweet treat of a drink.

15 mins 6 Ingredients

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Traegered Cocktail Ingredients

Elevating your everyday cocktails with Traeger flavor is now easier than ever thanks to our brand-new line of Traeger cocktail products.

Bloody Mary Salt


Pure sea salt gets the Bloody Mary treatment so you can pack your rim and garnishes with even more flavor.

Shop Class Shop Online

Smoked Bloody Mary Mix


Mix it in a cocktail or try it as a marinade, either way it’ll be a staple in your rotation.

Shop Class Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

Smoked Simple Syrup


This sweet syrup features notes of vanilla and clove, balanced with an infusion of signature Traeger flavor.

Shop Class Smoked Simple Syrup

Crafted Traegered Cocktails


Find wood-fired cocktail inspiration, recipes, and tips and tricks from the pros with our new cocktail recipe book.

Shop Class Crafted Traegered Cocktails

Traegered Cocktail Techniques

New to taking your cocktails to the Traeger side? Start with these simple techniques.

Traeger Pro Team

Our lineup of Traeger pros will keep you in the know on everything cocktails. They’re masters of their craft and ready to help you master yours with recipes, tips, and tricks.

Top Shelf Traeger Pro Team Member

Top Shelf

Hospitality Extraordinaire

Pro Team

Tips & Tricks From the Pros

Watch and learn from the best. These videos are full of how-to’s and techniques that will take your cocktail skills pro.

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Tito's Vodka

Traeger is proud to partner with Tito's Handmade Vodka, a company who makes their vodka in small batches because of their intense dedication to detail. Both Traeger and Tito's make taste their top priority so it's a natural fit for creating amazing wood-fired cocktail creations.

Jacobsen Salt Co.

Jacobsen Salt Co. is devoted to providing every American with the very best cooking ingredients and pantry staple items. We are proud to partner with Jacobsen Salt Co. Together, we’ve combined flavorful hardwood smoke and all natural ingredients to create two delicious products to enrich your handcrafted meals that you share with family and friends.

High West Whiskey

High West Distillery has a passion for making products so exceptional, that you’ll not only come back for more, but bring your friends too. It’s this attention to quality ingredients that makes them the perfect partner for creating exceptional drinks when paired with Traegered ingredients.



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