Who IsCowboy Bob?

Robert “Cowboy Bob” Peterson, made famous from the Traeger Renegade Pro infomercial, is a highly opinionated chuck wagon cook from Decatur, Texas. But before he was a cook he was a cowboy. His rodeo career started at the age of three when he entered a mutton busting competition where he won first place. In fact, he was so committed it took three men to finally pry him off the sheep. He then went on to become the winningest mutton buster in the history of the Texas Rodeo Association. By the time he was eight, his attention turned to food and he pursued it with the same intensity, putting himself through cooking classes by rodeo clowning and selling unlicensed barbacoa he made in his backyard. Since then, Bob has cooked all over the “Lone Star State,” but rarely indoors, plying his trade at cattle drives, rodeos, livestock auctions, rattlesnake roundups and demolition derbies from Houston to El Paso. Looking for more tips, tricks, and ways to increase your BBQ & grilling know-how? Check out the Traeger Smokenomics page and grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ your meats like a pro.

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Cowboy Bob Videos

Know Your Steaks

Not all beef steaks are created equal. Cowboy Bob sets the record straight with his take on the best of the best, and one particular cut that he says is the most overrated.


Know Your Hardwood

Cowboy Bob simplifies popular hardwood flavors into just 3 categories and tells you what’s what when it comes to getting the taste you want.


Know Your Sauces

There’s a silent war being waged in this country, and it’s about which type of BBQ sauce reigns supreme. Different regions claim they offer the best, but it all comes down to how you’re using it.