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We've picked all of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes here, including turkeys, sides, appetizers, sauces, and desserts. Whether you want something traditional or you're thinking outside the box for your holiday feast, we'll show you how to cook it on a pellet grill. For more turkey day info, check out our Traeger Thanksgiving Guide to find turkey tips, get more meal ideas, and build your feast with our Custom Menu Creator.


Roasted Root Vegetables

Wood-fire roasted root vegetables are smolderingly delicious. So put these in your Traeger for a flavorful side dish that compliments any protein.

80 mins 13 Ingredients


Roasted Garlic & Herb Prime Rib

Few things will wow your guests like the sight of a huge prime rib roasting to wood-fired perfection on your Traeger.

5.5 hours 9 Ingredients


Smoked Hot Buttered Rum

Cheers to the Holidays with an all-time classic cocktail infused with smoky flavor in our Smoked Hot Buttered Rum recipe.

35 mins 8 Ingredients


Baked Coffee Cake

Get a jolt of wood-fired flavor with our Baked Coffee Cake recipe. This morning staple will get your day off and running on the right foot.

60 mins 15 Ingredients


Baked Potatoes & Celery Root Au Gratin

Smoky, creamy and cheesy layers of Yukon gold potatoes and celery root are the perfect side to complement a hearty meal.

2 hrs 8 Ingredients


Smoked Wild Turkey Breast by Jeremiah Doughty

Jeremiah Doughty’s recipe for smoking up some field to plate wild turkey breast starts with at least a 12-hour brine before getting a BBQ rubdown that complements the wood-fired flavor perfectly.

8.3 hrs 15 Ingredients



Holiday flavors don’t get much more classic than this sweet & salty honey-glazed ham.

140 mins 5 Ingredients


Smoked Pot Roast

We’re taking an all-time household classic and injecting it with wood-fired flavor with Traeger’s Smoked Pot Roast recipe. This easy recipe starts with a chuck roast that is rubbed with a blend of spices, and then smoked directly on the grill for 90 minutes. Then drop the roast in a Dutch oven with potatoes, carrots, onions as well as aromatics and chicken stock, and let it cook for up to 5 hours.

6.25 hrs 14 Ingredients


Roasted Mushrooms with Sherry & Thyme

These mushrooms are downright decadent, thanks to the addition of sherry wine, butter, cream and fresh thyme.

40 mins 8 Ingredients


Baked Carrot Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Infuse this classic baked recipe with some wood fired flavor. Carrots, pineapple and flaked coconut combine to make a Baked Carrot Sheet Cake and we top it a delicious cream cheese frosting.

30 mins 17 Ingredients


Smoked Romesco Sauce

Smoked romesco sauce on top of this roasted trio of baby carrots, fingerling potatoes and fennel bulbs will make you sing Hallelujah thanks to it intensely fresh and tangy wood-fired flavor.

30 mins 11 Ingredients


A Smoking Classic Cocktail

This cocktail is cause for celebration. Smoked orange bitters meet a hint of sweet before getting topped with the bubbly stuff and a lemon twist finish.

5 mins 3 Ingredients

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