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Armenian style lamb shanks with barley risotto by Chef Bonnie Morales

Diversify your recipe portfolio with this spiced up lamb dish. Pomegranate molasses mixed with the perfect amount of spice will make those taste buds sing a sweet, sweet melody.

8 hrs 16 Ingredients


BBQ Lamb Wraps

Be the hero of the gyro with smoke-roasted leg of lamb, creamy tzatziki, red onions, tomatoes and feta wrapped and tucked into warm pita.

2 hours 19 Ingredients


Slow Roasted BBQ Lamb Shoulder

Mediterranean-inspired, this slow-roasted lamb dish is paired with tart and flavorful yogurt sauce, harissa hot sauce, and grilled flat bread. It’s time to dig in and eat with your hands.

5 hrs 11 Ingredients


Braised Lamb Shoulder Tacos by Chef Matthew Jennings

These tacos are rich with flavor. Lamb slow-roasted and braised over big game hardwood in a bold and bubbly guajillo chili sauce until perfectly tender. Served street style on corn tortillas for some handheld deliciousness.

4 hrs 11 Ingredients


Ultimate Grilled Lamb Burger

If you're a fan of lamb, then you're in luck. This burger is stacked with two grilled lamb patties seasoned with dill, mint and jalapeno, peppery arugula, and melty manchego between two buns slathered with a roasted red pepper mayo.

30 mins 18 Ingredients


Grilled Lamb Kabobs

Skewer your dinner with this recipe. Grilled leg kebabs are seasoned with a Mediterranean herb blend, grilled with red onions and dried apricots and served alongside a savory couscous.

10 mins 12 Ingredients


Roasted Rack of Lamb

This roasted rack of lamb is rubbed down with mustard, seasoned generously with salt & pepper, coated with a Panko breadcrumb mixture and roasted over rich hickory for a simple take on an elevated dish.

20 mins 8 Ingredients


Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb

Lamb seasoned with a flavorful marinade, Traegering this primo cut will ensure every bite melts in your mouth.

40 mins 10 Ingredients


Braised Irish Lamb Stew

Stew up some serious flavor on your Traeger. This lamb is slow-braised to perfection in a hearty broth for some serious comfort in a bite.

2 hrs 14 Ingredients