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Cowboy Cut Steak

Thick-cut steaks are reverse seared on the Traeger for a flavor injection, then topped with a zesty, herb-packed gremolata for a fresh finish.

60 mins 6 Ingredients


Brown Sugar and Bacon Wrapped Smokies

3 simple ingredients come together for a triple threat of flavor. This bite-sized appetizer packs a sweet and salty punch you won’t be able to get enough of.

30 mins 3 Ingredients


Traeger Crispy Orange Chicken Wings

These unconventional wings will win over your game day crowd. Crispy, Traeger baked chicken wings are tossed in a homemade sweet and tangy sauce for poultry perfection.

80 min 4 Ingredients


Grilled Butter Basted Porterhouse Steak

Master the art of the perfect steak with this recipe, then devour the best damn steak you’ve ever tasted any night of the week.

40 mins 5 Ingredients


Peach Tart

Our famous 6-in-1 versatility is on full display in this easy to make Peach Tart recipe. With fresh peach filling topped with a homemade, buttery toasted almond crust, this tart won’t last long on your plate.

80 Min 17 Ingredients


Grilled Pineapple and Pork Skewers

Freshen up your kabab routine with this pork and pineapple combo by Amanda Haas. Grilled till tender and finished with a honey glaze, these skewers pack a punch.

75 min 10 Ingredients


Grilled Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Cool off with this sweet, refreshing sip. Sugar-coated lemons and strawberries get a kick of Traeger heat before hitting the blender with ice and a splash of a little something to make it “adult-friendly.”

20 mins 6 Ingredients


Smoked Maple Ice Cream with Candied Bacon

Sweet & salty treats are always a hit. Whip up this simple homemade ice cream recipe and smoke it on your Traeger. This salty maple bacon dessert is the perfect finale to a family BBQ.

45 mins 14 Ingredients


Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Talk about a side for sore eyes. Tender asparagus is wrapped in savory prosciutto, grilled over hickory and finished off with a balsamic glaze, taking your whole meal to the next level.

35 min 8 Ingredients


Traeger Baked Corn Dog Bites

Poppable, sharable, and your new favorite appetizer. Sweet & savory cornbread dough is wrapped around bite-sized hot dogs before getting baked to golden perfection on the Traeger.

75 min 13 Ingredients


Smoked Blackberry Popsicle with Mascarpone and Cookie Crunch

You won’t find these popsicles in the freezer section of your grocery store. Smoked blackberry puree meets a cool and creamy mascarpone mix before getting frozen and finished off with a dip in our fresh baked cookie crunch.

40 12 Ingredients



This isn’t your typical campsite classic. Our tinfoil dinners are packed with tender stew meat, potatoes, peppers, herbs & seasonings, then topped with a generous dollop of butter before getting sealed up and cooked over a Traeger wood fire.

7 mins 11 Ingredients

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