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Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

Serve this spicy, smokin’ shrimp cocktail at your next get together. This grilled shrimp recipe has big-time flavor and comes fully-loaded with a fiery homemade cocktail sauce.

15 mins 10 Ingredients


Smoked Crab Legs

Crack open the wood fired flavor with the king of all crab recipes. Fresh crab legs are smoked directly on the grill and drenched in a homemade BBQ and butter sauce for a smokin' take on this seafood favorite.

35 mins 6 Ingredients


Grilled Oysters with Mignonette

Shuck your way to wood-fired flavor. This unique recipe places the oysters in a half shell on the grill and finishes with a fresh mignonette sauce.

30 mins 9 Ingredients


Roasted Stuffed Rainbow Trout with Brown Butter

Quick, easy, and delicious. Simple roasted trout stuffed with all the goods. Citrus, fresh herbs, and some brown butter make for one flaky and savory fish.

30 mins 9 Ingredients


Smoked Trout

This easy smoked trout recipe lets the fish and smoke flavor shine on its own. Simply butterfly the trout, brine it for an hour, then let it smoke for up two hours and serve it hot or cold.

3 hrs 6 Ingredients


Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Bacon is the man-candy of the meat family, wrap it around the bite-sized candy of the sea, then grill it hot and fast for a rich and savory appetizer.

20 mins 7 Ingredients


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Bacon and shrimp were born to be compadres. For the perfect doneness, give bacon a head-start on the grill, when it sizzles, wrap shrimp for a warm, bacon jacket, and finish cooking.

20 mins 10 Ingredients


Baja-Style Fish Tacos

You don't have to be on the beach for tasty fish tacos. Ensenada Mexico is known for its Baja fish tacos, we've put the Traeger twist on them for a more flavorful, healthy version.

20 mins 18 Ingredients


Chinese Jumbo Shrimp

Marinate your shrimp in tangy Asian flavors then pop them on the wood-fired grill to add a layer of delicious smoke. Grilled shrimp are the perfect quick dinner any time of year.

5 mins 8 Ingredients


Cider Hot-Smoked Salmon

This recipe for Cider Hot-Smoked Salmon is perfectly timed for cooler weather and comforting food.

1 hr 9 Ingredients


Citrus Salmon

Slather that salmon in herbs for a creamy zest that’s sure to please any eater, young or old.

15 mins 8 Ingredients


Cedar-Plank Salmon with Mango Salsa Recipe

Planking isn't just a workout for your abs, add salmon to a cedar plank for a fresh tasting fiesta. Featuring hot and savory peppers, a twist of lime, and tropical, mango sweetness.

30 mins 11 Ingredients

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