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Smoked Elk Loin with Creamy Polenta

Rosemary is the perfect complement for this delicious game meat. Freshly harvest elk loin is rubbed down with rosemary, garlic, a little salt & pepper and roasted over smoky mesquite hardwood and served on top of a hearty, homemade polenta.

60 mins Ingredients


Smoked Venison Holiday Jerky

Sweet, salty and snack-worthy. Thin venison slices are given a bath in a sweet and salty marinade and smoked over our classic Big Game Hardwood for some big flavor. Stick that in your back pocket.

4 hrs 12 Ingredients


Braised Italian-Style Venison Meatballs

Walk on the wild side with this field-to-table twist on Italian meatballs. Ground beef, pork and venison are baked over maple wood and braised in a fragrant and rich red wine tomato sauce.

45 mins 19 Ingredients


Fat Braised Duck Confit

Savor this wood-fired take on a french-style flavor. These duck legs are generously seasoned with fresh citrus, herbs, garlic and slow braised in duck fat over applewood for a dish that will melt-in-your-mouth. Delicious doesn't even begin to touch on it.

3 hrs 11 Ingredients


Roasted Venison Loin with Creamy Potatoes

Nothing says comfort food like a roast with creamy potatoes. Herb-crusted venison loin roasted and served over buttery, creamy potatoes and drizzled with a sweet huckleberry and red wine purée.

45 mins 20 Ingredients


Braised Antelope Chile Verde

This braised antelope melts in your mouth and comes packin' heat. Perfectly seasoned antleope shoulder slow-roasted in a bubbly tomatillo sauce with potatoes, and topped with fresh cilantro for a fully loaded spoonful.

2.5 hrs 14 Ingredients


Baked Game Bird Pie

Not a fan of sweets? Try out this savory pie. Wild pheasant, potatoes, celery and carrots are seasoned with fresh herbs, some red wine and baked into a buttery, duck fat crust.

110 mins 18 Ingredients


Smoked Spicy Venison Jerky

Take your wild game and turn it into wildly satisfying jerky. Thin sliced venison marinated in some rich flavor and seasoned with red pepper flakes, cayenne and habanero for some lingering spice.

5.25 hrs 13 Ingredients


Baked Venison Meatloaf with Potato Puree

Fresh from the field meets fresh to your table. Thyme, sage, and parsley venison meatloaf, baked over pecan and served with the perfect creamy, buttery, parsnip and potato puree sidekick.

1 hr 45 mins Ingredients


Smoked Duck Legs with Polenta and Wild Mushrooms

Citrus, mesquite smoked duck legs atop creamy homemade polenta and perfectly finished with sauteed wild mushrooms.

5 hrs 17 Ingredients


Baked Venison Tater Tot Casserole by The Bowmars

You'll go wild for these tots. Wood-fired tater tots, hearty ground venison, creamy mushroom soup and peas make for the ultimate comfort dish when you're hankering for a homestyle meal.

40 mins 4 Ingredients


Roasted Venison Steaks with Asparagus by The Bowmars

Roasted venison that is wildly tender. Crack open a bottle of sprite and give your venison a bubbly bath, hit it with our big game rub and roast until perfectly rare. Pair with fresh grilled asparagus for a lean and healthy meal.

25 mins 5 Ingredients

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