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Folding Front Shelf - Lil' Tex



Folding Front Shelf - Lil&& Tex
0.00Folding Front Shelf - Lil&& Tex

The folding front shelf is the ideal sidekick for Lil’ Tex model grills. While your Traeger smokes your meats to delicious tenderness, the front grill shelf acts as a your preparation station for slicing vegetables and toppings while keeping oven mitts ready to go. It holds your icy brews and it folds down for handy storage.

        • 26” L x 12 ½" W x 4" H, Weight 10 lbs.
        • Made of Steel

Fits All Lil' Tex Grills except Lil' Tex Elite 22 (TFB42LZBO)

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With a folding shelf on the front of your grill you can mix, toss, and slice ingredients right in your outdoor kitchen.

Product Features

  • Custom Fit

    Simple to install, we designed the Folding Front Shelf to attach right to the front of your Traeger and fold down for easy storage.

  • Durable Construction

    We manufacture this smokin' sidekick using cold, hard steel and powder coated it to protect it from the outdoor elements.

  • Cover Compatible

    When done prepping, fold it down for convenient storage. For extra protection, pair with an All-Weather Cover.


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Q. Will this fit the Traeger Lone Star 572 sq in? if not which model will fit that? Thanks
Miami, Florida
A. Unfortunately the folding front shelf for the Lil Tex Elite will not fit the Lonestar -- there is a 2" difference in barrel size.
Answered on Dec 23, 2015
Q. I have a BBQ07C.01 Century model and would to know if the folding front shelf will fit my grill. Also would like to know if the insulated blanket will fit. Thanks Jim Clark
Kansas City
A. Lil Tex Elite folding front shelf does fit the Century grill. At this time we do not have an insulation blanket that fits the Century.
Answered on Nov 16, 2015

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