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Dome Thermometer



Dome Thermometer
5.09Dome Thermometer

Our Dome Thermometer is just the right size and sits conveniently perched on top of your smoker. It’s easy to read and even easier to install, plus it reads both fahrenheit and celsius temperatures so you can be confident your grill is humming at the best temperature to suit your meal.

        • See the temperature inside your grill with our updated thermometer
        • Easy to read and easy to install
        • Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature at a glance

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Check the temperature of your grill from our new, easier to read Dome Thermometer. It reads both Celsius and Farenheit and is simple to install.

Product Features

  • Easy to Read

    Our Dome Thermometer is large and in charge, for a sure-fire read every time.

  • Simple Installation

    Easy to install and use, this Dome Thermometer clips right in so you can get back to cooking.

  • Traeger Logo

    It has the classic Traeger logo right on the face of the thermometer.



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  • Georgia
Have used gas and charcole,, nothing I have ever used cooks like the pellets, set it and forget it till the timer goes off, if you follow the receipt you can't go wrong,,,I now like to grill,,thank youall at Traeger for such a foolproof and ease of use product,,it's more than I ever dreamed it would be
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  • California
Dome Thermometer
The dome thermometer is made very well. Just holding it and feeling how well its made tells you what a smart buy this is. However, make sure your model grill is prepunched to accept the thermometer. Mine is not and I can't install it. Thats my fault not treaters.
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  • California
Dome Thermometer review
Like it, use it, it works.
If you want to know what to know what going on temp wise in your grill then the Dome Thermometer is a good investment.
Call and talk to a tech so you know where the best location on YOUR model grill is, to install the Thermometer.
Nicely made unit that will hold up and last. I upgraded to new model Traeger, my old Traeger with the Dome Thermometer is 8 years old and still smokes up a great meal. I tested / compared the old one with the new one both give the same readings.. Not bad for 8 years of use.
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Q. I have a new TFB30LZB. How would a Dome Thermometer install? What does the rubber grommet on the left side do?
Garden City, Kansas
A. Newer model grills require drilling a hole to install the dome thermometer if it does not already have a mounting hole on the lid. The mounting hole is covered by a chrome cap on the top right of the lid. The rubber grommet on the side of the barrel is for running temperature probes into the grill. This cuts back on having to open the lid to check the temperature of the meat.
Answered on Jan 06, 2017
Answered on Jan 06, 2017
Q. Where is the best place to install the DOME THERMOMETER?
Scottsdale, Arizona
A. Top of the lid right above Traeger symbol ( tip of the mountain).
Answered on Jul 27, 2016
Answered on Jul 27, 2016
Q. I have Lil Tex grill which has no hole in the lid to install the thermometer I bought. Other than drilling a hole near the exhaust stack on top, is there any other thing I need to do?
Holiday, Florida
A. Unfortunately that is the only way to add the dome thermometer, our newer grill models do not have a hole for it anymore.
Answered on Jan 27, 2016
Answered on Jan 27, 2016

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