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Traeger Visor - Black



Traeger Visor - Black
0.00Traeger Visor - Black

Shout your Traeger pride from the rooftops with this logoed visor and tell everyone you’re team “hardwood flavor”. It’s adjustable for a comfortable fit and--bonus--it touts our tagline, “Taste the Difference.”

        • Adjustable black cap
        • Features Traeger logo
        • "Taste the Difference" tagline

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Traeger has a distinctly different taste—better than any other grilled food. Wear your "Taste the Difference" visor so people know you're the wood-fired food aficionado.

Product Features

  • Style

    A Traeger black visor is versatile for grilling or running. Worn by women and men, this cap will shield your eyes from the hot sun while runnin’ hot or cookin’ up hot, delicious BBQ.

  • Wearability

    Your Traeger “Taste the Difference” visor is adjustable so it fits any head size. It transitions well from hunting or a football game to Sunday afternoon barbecues.

  • Traeger Life

    Traeger isn’t just grilling, it’s a lifestyle. When you don your “Taste the Difference” visor, you may have to share your Traeger barbecue with your friends.


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