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Chili Sauce



Chili Sauce
0.00Chili Sauce

Hit that spicy sweet spot by marinating your meat with this mouthwatering concoction. A tomato base provides a bright canvas for brown sugar, Worcestershire, and hickory accents, combined with savory, zesty chili flavor, for just the right level of heat to complement your meat.

  • Adds personality to beef roasts, turkey, or blackened fish.
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains Gluten


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Whether you use our bold 'cue sauces as a mop, sop, dip, or marinade, sauce with confidence. Serve it on the side and rest assured that they will always bring out the natural flavor of your hand-crafted barbecue craft and never overwhelm them.

Product Features

  • Taste

    Give those meats a make-over with Chili Sauce, it’s warm and has sweet high notes that will not soon be forgotten.

  • Pairing

    BBQ never gets old when you rotate sauces. Your family will thank you for this hot treat.

  • Application

    Sauce over meats before cooking, mop more on while it’s being wood-fired, and dip each flavorful bite for a delicious zest.


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