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The Low Down on the Flavor Throwdown


It ain’t all about grilling technique. How you sauce and throw down that rub is equally as important and can make or break your wood-fired BBQ. Timing and technique for application of these classics can take so-so to as good as it gets. With just a few tips from our Pros, you’ll be cookin’ like one in no time.


Time to get saucy. Never pour it straight from the bottle. Because cold and clumpy is no match for hot and bubbly. Make sure to warm your sauce before applying it on the meat. Timing is key. Your protein should only be sauced in the last 15-20 minutes of the cook. Saucing any earlier can cause the sugars to caramelize and produce a burnt flavor.


Now, for the low down on the rub down. Don’t skimp on the spice with larger cuts of meat. Cuts like brisket and pork butt can take heavier layers of seasoning. With your smaller cuts such as chicken breast and pork chops, a nice even season is where you need to live. Remember that it’s all about that meat. Seasoning and sauces help enhance the natural flavors of the protein, but never should be over used. It’s all about balance.

Use these techniques to elevate your protein and you’ll create show stopping BBQ time and time again.

Sauces and Rubs


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