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This simple squat workout uses what you have in hand—a 20 pound bag of hardwood pellets will do the trick.

We’re over half way through January and if you’re letting your healthy resolutions fade, stay strong! This mini workout is a fun exercise to add into your health and fitness rotation as it’s low impact and this quick lower body workout will bring visible results in just a month. It takes just 21 days to form a habit, so mark your calendar and get started cooking healthy Traegered food and incorporate Traeger hardwood squats.

There’s no reason to sit around and watch the Traeger do all the grilling—get your gluteus maximus, quadriceps, and lower back muscles in gear as you sling a bag of pellet fuel over your shoulder like a professional barbecuer, then lower your body into a powerful squat. If you happen to have a dusty old bag of neglected charcoal kicking around, brush off the cobwebs and put it to good use, charcoal makes a good dead weight. 

Health Benefits:

Don’t forget leg day, weighted squats are a great way to burn 450-600 calories per hour, you can use the hour or less that it takes to roast a whole rotisserie style chicken on the Traeger to get your sweat on. So skip the gym, (the white tank tops, and the American flag “hammer” workout pants) and use the hefty bags of charcoal fuel or hardwood pellet fuel that you have handy to get your body moving and feel pumped.

The Traeger Hardwood Squat Work Out:

First, toss some healthy protein such as salmon or chicken on the Traeger smoker grill, next reach for a 20 lb. bag of Traeger pellets (or any old bag of charcoal).

Step 1:

Begin with feet firmly planted and shoulder width apart and place the weighted bag on the top of the traps (upper shoulder muscles), and the traps will support the weight for the exercise. Pull your shoulder blades together and relax your shoulders. Holding a corner of the bag in each hand, point elbows toward the ground. It’s key to keep your chest up and back straight at all times. Curving the back during the squat could strain the back, so stay upright.

Step 2:

Pop the glutes out behind you and press your weight into your feet to begin the squat--bend your knees and keep them behind the toes. Squat into a sitting position as if you are about to sit on a chair. Squat as low as comfortably possible, or until your quadriceps are parallel to the floor. Hold the sitting squat position for 5 seconds.

Step 3:

To finish the squat, press thru heels and straighten your legs to a full standing position. Perform 10-15 squat reps for one set. Squat it out for 3 sets to get the full benefits of the exercise, resting for one minute after each set. Once you’ve finished 3 sets, you should feel the burn through your quads, lower back, and glutes. Squats will increase flexibility and strength in your back and legs to ease everyday liftings like loading the truck with wood, tools, snowmobiles, or car parts. Get your pellet squat on at least 3 times a week to see results in a month or less.

Raise the “steaks”:

After a week or so of single bag squats, work in an additional pellet bag so you have one on each shoulder, this mega squat will increase your fat and calories burned. A 40-pound weighted squat will help define your muscles, strengthen your body, and bulk up where it really counts.  This simple workout will help you keep your reigning wrestling championship belt as your kids grow into wild teenagers.

The “Beef”:

Squats should never hurt, if they do, your form is off and your body is telling you to change how you're performing them. Making squats a staple in your week will keep your body strong and ready for any surprise adventure.

So, keep firing up the Traeger and enjoy one healthy meal at a time. Take a few minutes for yourself and give Traeger squats a try as your trusted Traeger grills delicious and flavorful meals for your family and friends to gather and feast upon.

If you missed part 1 and 2 of our Smoke and Sweat exercise series, learn how to chop wood and how to do beer curls.

Here are a few of our Traeger favorite healthy recipes:

Grilled Bloomin Onion, it’s a flavorful and healthy version of an unhealthy appetizer.

Lemon Chicken with herbs, make lean protein exciting with a kick of lemon.

Amazing Simple Salmon, just 3 ingredients take flavorful salmon to the next level.

Barbecue Roasted Asparagus, these zesty vegetables are so delicious you won’t even notice they’re healthy.

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