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Good BBQ begins with good meat.



Good BBQ begins with good meat. Selecting healthy, fresh chicken means big, beautiful, bold flavor on the Traeger. 

Next time you visit your local butcher or grocery store don’t just grab the first package of chicken you see. Keep an eye out for these key things: 

Know Your Chicken
Ensure chicken has not been injected or marinated--look for a fresh bird. Marinating and flavoring is best left in your control so you know just how long it’s been marinating for.

Check that packaging has not been punctured and is free from leakage. 

Skin Color
You want chicken skin to have a white, milky color to it. White skin on poultry is evidence that the bird was raised right and fed well with good grain. 

Things to be wary of when selecting chicken: 

1. Congealed fat: this is a cold fat, unrendered, and not pleasant. 
2. Yellow, gray, or pasty skin: Chicken skin that is not white, means the bird is not fresh or was not packaged properly.
3. Blood spots: When blood spots are present in chicken skin, it is indicative that the bird endured stress and the meat will be tough.  

If any of the above are present in chicken, put the package down and move along.  

What about the label? 
Traeger Pitmaster Chad Ward says labels matter. He recommends always choosing organic or all natural options. 

Once you’ve selected a prime cut of chicken, and avoid the bad stuff, you’re mere minutes away from delicious Traegered chicken.

Use our tips to pick out a whole chicken, and try the delicious Traeger chicken challenge.  

Find dozens of chicken recipes on our recipe library

Comment below if you want to see more on what packaging labels mean.

  Purchasing BBQ Chicken

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