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Caution—Beard drippings ahead.

Everyday should be National Bacon Day! If you and your crew are craving something sweet and savory, wrap bacon around a pineapple stuffed with pork ribs and Traeger it low and slow. Then spend your evening devouring your tropical trophy and plotting how to get National Swineapple Day instated.


How to create a Swineapple:

1. Remove the exterior of the pineapple and leave the bottom intact. Slice the pineapple stem off.

3. Remove the core and some of the pineapple center leaving at least 1” of pineapple intact.

4. Season boneless ribs with  Traeger Cajun Shake, then pack ribs inside the pineapple.

5. Wrap the pineapple in bacon or a bacon weave and secure with toothpicks.

6. Traeger the pineapple at 275 degrees F for 4 to 5 hours or until the internal temperature of the ribs reach 160 degrees F.

7. Remove swineapple from your Traeger, slice about 1” thick, and devour! Enjoy!


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