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In Texas there is no way to avoid the famous Texas BBQ.

Then again, why would you want to? Texas BBQ is more than just a regional cuisine. Grilling, smoking, and BBQing with family and friends is a weekend activity, the passing down of traditions, a community celebration, and a whole lot of Texan pride. And Texas Star Grill Shop is Houston's Grill Headquarters.

Just mention the word “barbecue” in Texas and two things are bound to happen. First, people’s mouths will start watering; second, a debate will ensue about the best way to prepare the meat. According to Rick Martin, owner of Texas Star Grill Shop in Houston Texas and 'cue aficionado, low-and-slow on his Traeger Timberline is the best way to experience your food. Because it's not a party until you smell the smoke!

With four locations across Houston, a loyal customer base, and almost fifteen years’ experience cooking on a Traeger, it’s no surprise that you would want his grilling advice. Grill masters and backyard BBQers alike plan trips to Texas Star every weekend just to eat some of the Wagyu beef they cook up for shoppers on the latest Traeger or have a free beer while talking about new recipes and grilling tips. It feels like you’re family every time you walk in there, which is because Texas Star is a family affair—Rick works daily at the stores alongside his wife Michelle and his son. Originally a single location, Texas Star has now taken residence in four different Houston locations: West U, Spring, Katy, and Hou-Woodway.


In 2006, Rick experienced his own wood-fire epiphany after buying his first Traeger. He was working in sales and marketing at the time but knew he had stumbled upon something significant. He decided to take a chance on a product that he knew had big possibilities. It started with a semi-truck load of Traeger grills that he sold online. That progressed to selling out of a warehouse and home & garden shows. Fast forward to today and Texas Star Grills offers more than just a selection of grills. They also welcome you to shop for everything else you need to create the ultimate outdoor experience, including outdoor kitchen components and accessories, such as meat rubs, spices, and barbecue tools. The community considers it THE "go-to" BBQ store in Houston. And with a knowledgeable staff that tests every single product in the store and knows every repeat customer, Texas Star can feel more like your local watering hole than store.

Those who are passionate enough to get into Texas BBQ are a special breed. And Texas Star welcomes that breed. In fact, they recruit them for their stores. One of the prerequisites to work at Texas Star Grill is to be passionate about BBQ and grilling. The staff of 26 employees across the four locations are talented, competitive, and a lot more knowledgeable than your average grill salesperson. From former competition BBQ cooks to young hobby grillers who love to grill not just out of hunger, but because it is their hobby. Who wouldn’t love coming to work when it’s cooking BBQ?

And plenty of locals in the know will tell you that if you’re interested in learning about a Traeger grill, Texas Star is the ultimate authority on the matter. As soon as you enter the doors, Traeger is front and center—lovingly referred to as “the holy grail of grills” by the team. It’s hard for a new customer to walk in and not be tempted by the display or live cooking of Texas Wagyu beef right out of the meat case. The aroma and flavor of wood are in a league of their own.

When asked to choose between ribs or brisket, Martin said Texas is most known for brisket which he describes as the reason why Traeger continues to be a top seller for his stores. “Our No. 1 kind of meat for smoking in Texas is our brisket” he said. Everyone who buys a pellet smoker wants to try smoking a brisket and Texas Star Grills can help you become a BBQ master. Not only does Texas Star Grills want to help its community smoke with confidence, but they are committed to be the very best shop in the business. And it seems like they’re already there.


Dry Rub or Saucy? In Texas we're about the dry rub.

Butcher Paper or Foil? Butcher Paper (allows you to get a crisper crust - nice thick peppery crust)

Low & Slow or Hot & Fast? Low & slow - you want to experience your food (it's not a party until you smell the smoke)

Brisket Fat side up or fat side down? Fat side up - all the way (we sell quality brisket, so fat just melts).

Beer or cocktail? With BBQ it should be beer (might even use the beer to marinate).

Ribs - to spritz or not to spritz? Not to spritz.

Sear at the Beginning or Sear at the End? Sear at the end (get smoked flavor in and then reverse sear).

Tongs or Spatula? Tongs.

Favorite Traeger Grill? Timberline.

Favorite Traeger Rub? Prime Rib Rub (good on all beef).

Favorite Traeger Sauce? Texas Spicey (cause it has our name in it).

Favorite Traeger Accessory? Drip tray liner.

Favorite Traeger Pellet Flavor? Hickory.

Favorite thing to cook on your Traeger? Brisket.


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