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WiFire Troubleshooting: Android

Something came up. The application has cancelled the request to choose a device

Description – This is a system generated message on Android 10, unfortunately, we do not have control over this error message. We are utilizing the Operating System for connection and re-connection to grill and home access points. If the OS is unable to do this process, this error message is returned. There was an issue accessing the grill or wifi access point, so a system generated error message is displayed.

Troubleshooting steps – Force quit the app and attempt to re-pair. Should remove this error almost every time.

Optional – Turn off Bluetooth. The Bluetooth antenna can interfere with the wifi antenna.

Oops! Something went wrong. Please go back and try again.

Description – This can happen from scanning a QR code or manually entering the grill information. The grill is trying to get the pairing session from the back-end. If it returns 400, 401, 300 or 502 error codes, that means the token is corrupted. In this error, the app is unable to get the pairing token so the only option is to let the user try again and a fresh pairing token will be created.

Troubleshooting steps – Force quit the app and try pairing again.

Error Messages - Unable to Connect Messaging – Grill Generated Messaging

Grill couldn’t connect to the network. Please try again

Description – Grill is unable to access the user’s home network. This can be due to an invalid password or if the network is down.

Troubleshooting steps - Try again with valid credentials.

Grill couldn’t connect. Double-check the wifi password entered is correct and try again.

Description - Grill hasn’t returned the name of the network when attempt to connect. This can happen when there are numerous wifi networks and isn’t always returning all available SSID’s. This error can happen on bar code scanning because the UUID may not be available due to an error within the bar code. Signal strength may also be the issue here.

Troubleshooting steps – Have user run a speed test to ensure they have strong enough signal. If so, power cycle the grill and attempt to re-pair. Manually may be a better option than scanning.

Optional – unplug/replug in router

Grill disconnected from the network

Description - The grill lost its connection to the home network.

Grill couldn’t connect to the network in a reasonable time.

Description - Grill is trying to connect to wifi and the grill is not accepting or rejecting the grill so it times out. It means an issue with the router.

Troubleshooting steps - Unplug/replug the router & power cycle the grill and attempt to re-pair.

Grill couldn’t get an IP address in a reasonable time

Description - Grill is trying to connect with the server but no calls from the server to use it.

Troubleshooting steps - Unplug/replug the router & power cycle the grill and attempt to re-pair.

Grill couldn’t get the time from the internet in a reasonable time.

Description - MTP connection timeout. Grill has connected and waiting for an IP and the time server doesn’t respond. Typically, this is blocked by the user or an outside source.

Troubleshooting steps – Power cycle the grill and attempt to repair, check the firewall (if applicable)

Other General troubleshooting step - Turning off mobile data

Description - This is generally an Android 10 operating system issue only. Android uses mobile data when the phone is switching between the grill wifi network and the home wifi network. When migrating from one back-end platform to another, there is a small delay where the OS may utilize mobile data. It will make an HTTP request via mobile data rather than the grill server. Some devices prioritize mobile data, so it helps by turning off that option while pairing. This is a general recommendation for any Android user attempting to pair when migrating back-end platforms with the Android 10 OS. If the user has an AWS facing grill (02 for Link grills, 03 for Samus/AC), they should not have this issue during pairing.

Troubleshooting steps - First step is to turn off mobile data, power cycle the grill and force quit the appm if using Android 10 OS. This can be done via Settings -> Connections -> Data Usage -> Mobile data. This needs to be just for pairing. Once pairing is successful, turn mobile data back on.

Additional Steps:

  • Turn off intelligent wifi. Wifi advanced -> turn off advanced wifi.
  • In some phones, the intelligent wifi is turned off because we want to manipulate the wifi networks, not the mobile data.