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Ash getting on the food typically comes down to an airflow issue.

Are you using a large pan in while cooking?
For a Traeger to have the proper air circulation, there needs to be at least an inch of clearance on each side of the pan. If the pan is too big it will change the air circulation which can cause ash to get on the food as well as temperature issues.

Does your grill have a chimney cap?
If the grill has a chimney cap, ensure that it is not screwed all the way down. You should be able to fit your thumb in between the cap and the chimney.

Is the grill clean?
A dirty grill can result in dirty food.

Are the internal pieces of the grill stalled properly?
Make sure the firepot, drip tray, and heat baffle are all undamaged and installed correctly.

Can you hear the fan?
If it is sounding weak, try to spin it manually to loosen up and dirt or grime that may stop it from running at peak efficiency.

If you still continue to have issues, please contact Customer Service.