Digital Elite and Digital pro controllers

Digital Elite and Digital Pro Controllers

If you are receiving one of the following issues, please contact Customer Service as you may need a new controller.

  • The screen is blank.
    • Ensure the controller is receiving power. You can check this by looking at the other components of the grill. If the whole grill is not functioning, please see our “Ignition / Power” troubleshooting page.
  • Numbers are missing sections or dimmed.
  • Screen only displays (---) or (888).
  • Physical damage that prevents the grill from functioning properly. (Broken nob, burn marks, cracked screen, etc.)
  • NOTE: These controllers are meant to click into each marked temperature setting and unfortunately are not able to select varying temps in between.
  • NOTE: There is likely to be some variation in temp based on environmental conditions, how frequently the lid is opened, etc.