Grill not Igniting (D2)

Check to see if the grill is in “Demo mode”

  • If it is, the controller will read ‚ÄúDemo Mode‚Äù
  • To turn Demo Mode off, go to Menu > Settings > Demo Mode and select ‚ÄúOFF.‚Äù The controller will then reboot and wake back up in its normal operating state.

Is the hot rod heating up?

  • Put your hand by (DO NOT TOUCH) the hot rod. Is it heating up? If not,¬†please contact Customer Service.

Check the quality of the pellets.

  • Ideally, check the pellets at the end of the auger.
  • Pellets should have a nice sheen to them and have a nice "snap" to them when breaking.
  • If the pellets crumble or do not have that sheen, try some fresh pellets.

Listen for the fan.

  • You should be able to hear it and feel some airflow when you have your hand in the firepot.¬†
  • If the fan is completely dead, please contact Customer Service.