If you have a D2 grill that will power on but will not ignite, here are some things to consider to get you back up and grilling!

Have you given it enough time?

  • You should start to see smoke within 5-10 minutes.
  • If after that time you are not seeing smoke, turn off the grill and check to see if pellets are in the firepot.
    • If there are no pellets, ensure you have not run out. (See "Are pellets being fed into the firepot.")
    • If there are pellets, clean out the firepot before trying again.

Is The Grill in "Demo Mode?"

  • If it is, the controller will read “Demo Mode.”
  • To turn Demo Mode off, go to Menu > Settings > Demo Mode and select “OFF.” The controller will then reboot and wake back up in its normal operating state.

Is The Hot Rod Heating up?

Put your hand by (DO NOT TOUCH) the hot rod. Is it heating up? If not, please contact Customer Service.

  • The hot rod can be seen sticking out just beneath the auger in the firepot.

Are pellets being fed into the firepot?

  • Ensure the augur is not jammed.
  • Ensure there are pellets in the hopper.
  • If the grill recently ran out of pellets, it is possible there is an empty pocket in the auger that doesn't have pellets. In this case, just run the auger until you can hear pellets falling into the firepot.

Check the Quality of the Pellets

  • Ideally, check the pellets at the end of the auger.
  • Pellets should have a nice sheen to them and have a nice "snap" to them when breaking.
  • If the pellets crumble or do not have that sheen, try some fresh pellets.

Listen to the Fan

  • You should be able to hear it running smoothly with no ticking, rattling, or scraping.
    • If you hear any of those sounds, check the fan for debris using the access panel on your grill (Usually under the hopper)
  • If the fan is completely dead or the sounds above continue after clearing any debris from the fan please contact Customer Service.

Firepot Overflowing With Pellets

If the firepot is overflowing with pellets, there is likely one of the following issues:

  • Lack of Airflow (see "listen for the fan")
  • Bad Pellets (see "quality of pellets")
  • Bad Hotrod (see "is Hotrod heating up?")
  • Ensure you are using the proper start-up for your grill