AC Grill Not Turning on

Occasionally customers with an AC grill (any non-WiFIRE-enabled grill, including the AC Timberline 850 & 1300) may experience power issues. The following are steps to take if this happens.

Is the grill plugged into a working outlet?

Try the grill on a different outlet or try plugging in a different device into the same outlet.

Plug the grill directly into the outlet if using an extension cord or power strip.

Is the grill plugged into a GFI Outlet?

If you are using a GFI outlet (outlet with a small, center button commonly found in bathrooms or near water), the outlet may have tripped. Reset the outlet by pressing the center button. If the center button has not popped out, the outlet did not trip.

Plug another device into the outlet to make sure the outlet works. If a GFI outlet trips during this test, there is an issue with the outlet or the circuit box. Consult an electrician to resolve the issue.

Plug in the grill, turn it on, and start a cook session. If the GFI outlet trips again, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

Check for Power Cord Damage

Unplug the grill.

Inspect the power cord for any damage. To access the internal portion of the power cord, go through the bottom of the hopper. If your grill has a protective grate, simply unscrew and remove it. Clip the zip tie for easier access to the wires. If there is damage to the power cord, contact Customer Service .

Unscrew and gently remove the controller from the grill. Plug in the grill, turn it on, and look for a small red light in the top corner of the controller. If the light is not on, contact Customer Service.

If the red light on the back of the controller is on, but the front of the controller is not displaying anything, contact Customer Service.

Check Controller Fuse

The fuse is located on the bottom right of the controller in a green or grey box, or in a black tube with a screw-on cap. Depending on the type of controller, there may be an extra fuse zip tied to the fuse box. Look into the fuse box and assess if the fuse has blown. It may have burn marks or the filament may have broken, similar to a lightbulb.

If you have a blown fuse, you can replace it with a 3-5 amp fuse, or call Customer Service

Pro-tip: Zip tie wires together once you’re done working on your grill. This will ensure they don’t block the fan and get damaged.