AC Grill Power Issues

SUPPORT_Getting started

Check to see if the grill is plugged into a working outlet

Try the grill on a second outlet Try plugging in a second device into the outlet to ensure it has power

Check to see if the outlet is GFI. If so, has it been tripped?

If yes, reset the GFI and try again. If it pops the GFI again, please call Customer Service.

Check for damage to the power cord

This includes and power strips or extension cables If you are using a power strip or extension cable, try plugging directly into the outlet

Check to see if any other components are working.

If so, please contact Customer Service.

Look to see if the fuse on the back of the controller is popped.

A popped fuse may have burn marks, or the filament may just be broken like on a lightbulb. The fuse is circled in red on the pictures below. If yes, please call Customer Service.