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What is a P-setting?

The P-setting (Pause setting) is used on some older grills (newer grills monitor this automatically) and is used to help monitor the temperature of the grill when experiencing extremely cold or hot temperatures.

The idea of a P-Setting is simple: when it is extremely

low/cold outside and the grill is running at a low temperature, the lower the P-Setting. The lower the P-setting, the more often the auger is spinning. This is to prevent the flame from going out.

This idea is the same for when temperatures outside are high/hot and the grill is running at a higher temperature, the P-setting can be set high to maintain temperature as well.

The P-setting can also be used if the grill is running too hot or too cold. We can adjust this setting to help maintain the temperature.

Examples of when the P-Setting would need to be adjusted:

- Environmental temperatures are cold and the grill will not hit set temperature: adjust to lower P-Setting

- Grill does not go below 225 degrees on SMOKE setting: adjust to a higher P-setting.

-Environmental temperatures are hotter than usual and the grill is running too high of a temperature: adjust to a higher P-setting

The way the P-setting works is after the grill hits the set temp of the controller, it will go into the pause cycle as seen below:

Grills with early digital elite controllers can go up to P-9.

*Factory P-setting on Scouts is p-4

We recommend not going above P4 to prevent the fire from going out. Again, this is only a feature on older grills using the original digital Elite controller (red LED) and some newer Pro series controllers (blue LED) used on some portable grills. However, not all digital elite controllers have this function. You can find out if your grill has a P-setting by simply looking at your controller. If it has a plain black sticker, a sticker that says ""call service"" or a small hole next to the digital display, then they have a p-setting like the controller below.

While most grills that have the P-Setting have been discontinued, there are still grills being manufactured with this feature, such as the Scout and Junior 20.

How-To Change the P-Setting

To change the P-Setting, Use a paperclip or something similar, to press the button inside the hole on the front face of the grills controller. Sometimes its behind a small black sticker, the sticker might say ""call service"" on it.