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  • The Pellet Sensor Accessory is only compatible with D2 grills and is offered as an accessory upgrade for Pro 575/780, 2019 Ironwood 650/885, D2 Century 885, and D2 Silverton 610.
  • Pellet sensors are NOT compatible with any AC platform grill (anything BUT D2 controller).
  • The D2 Timberline units have the Pellet Sensor included as do 2020 Ironwood.
  • Pellet level can also be viewed on the controller in Menu > Pellet Sensor
  • Installation Video -
  • Calibration Video

Calibrating the Pellet Sensor
When installing a pellet sensor, you may need to calibrate it. Follow the following steps:

  1. After powering on the grill, you should see a message ""Calibrate your pellet sensor for accurate results."" Select ""Calibrate now.""
  2. Empty the pellets from your hopper. Then select ""OK.""
  3. Place your hand under Pellet sensor to block light then Press ""OK. ""

The controller will walk you through the full calibration process. If the controller doesn't automatically start the calibration on startup, you can access the Pellet sensor calibration by selecting the menu button > selecting Settings > pellet sensor, which will bring you to the calibration page.


  • Ensure the grill being used is compatible.
    • D2 Pro 575 & 780
    • 2019 Ironwood 650 & 885 (Ironwood grills are equipped with pellet sensor starting early 2020)
    • 2020 Century 885
    • 2020 Silverton 610
  • Ensure the grill is on the latest firmware.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the sensor.
  • Clear the Cache by following these steps (do these steps if it fails to calibrate):
    1. Power off grill (Including switch on back)
    2. Disconnect Pellet sensor
    3. Power grill on (temp select screen)
    4. Power off grill (Including switch on back)
    5. Reconnect Pellet Sensor
    6. Power grill on
    7. Run Pellet Sensor calibration
  • Power cycle the grill using the switch on the back of the hopper.
  • Check the connectors for damage.
  • Make sure the grill is off when unplugging the sensor and plugging it back in. If the pellet sensor is connected while the grill is on, it will not work until it is rebooted.
  • If it continues to fail calibration, please contact Customer Service.