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Smell of burning plastic/Electrical fire

During the initial burn in, it is normal for the grill to put off a bit of an odd smell as the grill is burning off the manufacturing oils. However there are a few other things can cause this. Be sure to check the following.
  • Is there smoke coming out anywhere it shouldn't? (i.e. hopper, control panel)
    • If the control panel is smoking, turn the grill of and pull the controller out to find the source of the smoke. If you find any damage on the controller, please contact Customer Service.
  • Was the orange protective cap removed from the thermocouple before starting the grill?
    • If the cap was not removed it may be melted onto the thermocouple now. If this is the case, please contact Customer Service.
  • Inspect all the component wires and check for damage.
    • If any damage is found, contact Customer Service.