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Traeger Grills are going to fluctuate in temperature
Some fluctuations are normal. This occurs in your electric home ovens, and it will occur on your grill. The important part is the average temperature over the course of the cook.

  • On average during an hour cook, in nice weather, your fluctuations should be no more than +/-25.
  • Many things can affect the temperature of the grill frequent door openings, cold weather, heavy food load, poor air flow circulation due to the food being stacked too close to the sides of the grill grate , changing set temp often, etc.
  • When cooking, avoid using large pans that can block the airflow of the grill. If a pan needs to be used, ensure there is at least an inch of clearance between the grill and the edge of the pan.
  • Ensure the proper startup was used for your grill.
  • Ensure the shutdown cycle was ran on the previous cook.

Check the quality of the pellets
Ideally, check the pellets at the end of the auger.

  • Pellets should have a nice sheen to them and have a nice "snap" to them when breaking.
  • If the pellets crumble or look dull, try a fresh bag of pellets.

Clean grill (especially firepot)

  • If you are using a WiFire grill, put 5-10 pellets in the firepot before attempting to restart.
  • DO NOT clean the Thermocouple or RTD unless there is a visual build up on it that needs to be removed.

Check the internal pieces (drip tray, heat baffle, grill grates).

  • Ensure they are placed in the grill correctly and undamaged
    • If the drip tray or heat baffle is placed incorrectly in the grill, it can cause a multitude of temp issues.

Check the Thermocouple/RTD

  • Make sure nothing is touching the thermocouple/RTD and that it is not bent. If it is bent, please contact Customer Service.
  • Make sure plastic orange protective cover has been removed from the thermocouple before use. If the cover was not removed prior to use, please contact Customer Service.
    • RTDs do not come with a protective covering
  • With a cooled off grill, compare the temperature on the controller to the temperature outside. If difference is more than 15F. Please contact Customer Service.

How often are you opening the lid?

  • Repeated opening and closing of the lid too often can cause temperature issues.

If you continue to have consistent temperature swings, please contact Customer Service.