Too much smoke

It is normal for smoke to be thicker at the beginning of a cook. As the grill gets closer to the smoke temperatures (165º F), the smoke will thin out. Give the grill some time for the smoke to thin out.

Smoke Remains Thick

The fire is likely not reaching the proper temperature, and the pellets are just cindering. If this is the case, check the following:

  • Pellet quality is the most culprit of thick smoke. If they are holding moisture they will not burn as hot.
    • Pellets may be compromised if they are light in color, dull, dusty, break easily, or if the bag the pellets came in has a lot of sawdust.
    • Even if you believe your pellets are ok, try a fresh batch just to be sure. Sometimes, pellets can take on moisture without us noticing.
  • Ensure the induction fan is working properly.
    • You should be able to feel the air blowing into the firepot. Be sure not to touch the hotrod while testing this.
    • The fan should not make any loud noises, such as scraping or squealing. If it is, please contact Customer Service.