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WiFIRE controller functions

Standby mode
Standby mode is the default mode that occurs when the grill is first turned on but no cooks have been started.

  • In order to receive updates, the grill needs to be in standby mode

Clear Notifications
If the controller is stuck on a notification like "Clean grill" you may need to clear the notifications.

  • To clear notifications go to Menu > Settings > Clear Notifications

The controller is on Demo Mode
Demo mode will run all components of the grill as normal but will not ignite the hotrod

  • To turn on Demo Mode, follow these steps on the controller: Menu > Settings > Demo Mode and select "ON". This will reboot the controller and it will wake back up in Demo Mode.
  • To turn Demo Mode off, follow these steps on the controller: Menu > Settings > Demo Mode and select "OFF". The controller will then reboot and wake back up in its normal operating state.

Changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius

  • To change the Temperature units, go to Menu > Settings > temperature units > Select Celsius or Fahrenheit

Controller screen is going black:

  • This can happen in cold weather. Adjusting the contrast can help correct this.
    • Go to Menu > Contrast on the controller. Readjust the contrast and it should clear up.
    • If not, please contact Customer Service.

If you are receiving one of the following issues, please contact Customer Service as you may need a new controller.

  • The grill components are turning on, but the digital display does not.
  • The digital display only shows 3 dashes (---).
  • Error codes are stuck on the display, even after unplugging the grill.
  • Upon removing the controller, there is wire damage or burn marks on the back.
  • Auger is running during the shutdown cycle.
  • The smoke setting jumps up to 300+ but other settings regulate fine.
  • Physical damage that prevents the grill from functioning properly. (Broken nob, burn marks, cracked screen, etc.)
  • If the controller screen remains black after adjusting the contrast.