Candied Salmon

Recipe of the Week Friday, July 24, 2015

Candied Salmon

Catch this fresh summer delicacy, it’s mostly sweet but over the top savory. Candied Salmon is the perfect protein snack for a road trip, you’ll probably finish the haul in one sitting. Smoked on the Traeger, the caramelized exterior creates an almost bacon-like texture (bacon is candy, right?). Dusted with pepper, it adds just the right bite to cut the sweet and fulfill your jerky craving. No need to lure your lady with her chocolate covered gummy bears, this one’s a keeper. We can’t wait for you to get hooked on this recipe.

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    Korean BBQ Short Ribs (Kalbi)

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    Celebrate the Mexican-American holiday Cinco de Mayo (May Fifth) by making the Traeger version of one of Mexico’s most popular barbecued dishes. Feel free, of course, to substitute the more authentic skirt steak, but grill this thin cut only for a few minutes per side. Grilled red and green bell peppers, jalapenos, and onions go well with Carne Asada, as do refried beans. And don’t forget to chill some Mexican beer!

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    Beef back ribs are more prevalent in markets around the holidays and June wedding season. Why? Because boneless prime rib is most popular then, and because beef back ribs are a necessary byproduct of that expensive cut. Buy the meatiest ones you can find. Most of the meat will be between the bones. And since this is, after all, tender prime rib, there’s no need to cook it for hours and hours, or even sauce it.

  • Coffee Break Beef Jerky
    Coffee Break Beef Jerky

    Jerky is good any time of day as a quick snack and energy boost, but a coffee- and cola- infused version is a natural for a mid-morning break.

  • Smokey Meatball Subs
    Smokey Meatball Subs

    You can't go wrong with a delicious meatball sandwich with a hint of smoke.

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