Candied Salmon

Recipe of the Week Friday, July 24, 2015

Candied Salmon

Catch this fresh summer delicacy, it’s mostly sweet but over the top savory. Candied Salmon is the perfect protein snack for a road trip, you’ll probably finish the haul in one sitting. Smoked on the Traeger, the caramelized exterior creates an almost bacon-like texture (bacon is candy, right?). Dusted with pepper, it adds just the right bite to cut the sweet and fulfill your jerky craving. No need to lure your lady with her chocolate covered gummy bears, this one’s a keeper. We can’t wait for you to get hooked on this recipe.

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    Popular in barbecuing circles for years, these delectable bites have an unattractive nickname, “Atomic Buffalo Turds”. Sorry. That’s what they’re called. ABTs for short. But regardless of what you call them, these stuffed peppers will quickly disappear, so make more than you think you or your guests could/would possibly eat!


    In Boston, they’ve been taking their baked beans seriously since Colonial times. If you don’t have salt pork on hand, chop up a few pieces of smoked bacon and add those to the pot. Feel free to use cooked canned beans if you don’t want to take the time to cook dried beans yourself

  • Baked Lemon and Asparagus Risotto
    Baked Lemon and Asparagus Risotto

    This risotto—made with fresh asparagus and lemon zest—is a great addition to your spring table, either as a side dish or as a main course. A traditionally-made risotto is somewhat labor-intensive, requiring at least 25 to 30 minutes of active stirring. So we were happy to learn you can make this dish on the Traeger, and that it requires stirring only once during the cooking time. If your local supermarket does not carry Arborio rice, you can easily find it online. (Do not substitute common long grain rice: Arborio is a special strain, and absorbs several times its weight in liquid when cooked.)

  • Pork Lover' s Baked Beans
    Pork Lover' s Baked Beans

    As kids, we used to pick through the canned pork and beans scouting for the promised pork, which usually presented itself as a small pale cube of fat. One. We invite you to try the meaty version below that gets a triple blast of porky goodness from smoked pork shoulder (feel free to substitute rib meat), a ham hock, and bacon. We’ve also added applesauce and a shot of bourbon to up the flavor ante.

  • Smoked Bloody Mary
    Smoked Bloody Mary

    The Bloody Mary is a highly subjective cocktail, open to many interpretations. What we know for sure is we received a deluge of requests for this recipe when we mentioned it on Facebook recently. We like ours’ with a hint of wood smoke, a beef jerky stir stick, and a variety of garnishes. If tomatoes aren’t in season, freeze your favorite commercial Bloody Mary mix in ice cube trays and smoke the cubes in a colander over a bowl until they liquefy. (Thanks for the idea, Charley B.!)

  • Smoked Coleslaw
    Smoked Coleslaw

    A hint of wood smoke makes this lemony coleslaw a perfect partner for pulled pork or grilled seafood. For color, feel free to replace two cups of the standard green cabbage with purple cabbage. To save time, you can use prepackaged slaw mix.

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