Smoke Shelf - Lil' Tex/22 Series



Smoke Shelf - Lil\' Tex/22 Series
4.44Smoke Shelf - Lil\' Tex/22 Series

The nickel-plated steel smoke shelf is one-piece and adds 2 new levels to your Lil' Tex grill. It’s designed to give our rich, smoke flavor access to every last inch of meat and veggies. The grill shelf is the best way to enhance your cooking chamber. It allows you to smoke a plethora of salmon, jerky, and racks upon racks of mouth-watering ribs.

        • Adds 230 sq. in. of smoking surface to your grill
        • Dimensions: 20 ¼” L x 7 ½” H x 11 ½” D

Fits All Lil' Tex and 22 Series model grills

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"That's too much jerky" --said no one ever. Snag a smoke shelf and you are on your way to piles of tender, cured meats. Stack 'em high on a smoke shelf and get the most vertical space from your cooking chamber.

Product Features

  • Custom Fit

    Add or remove the Smoke Shelf with ease when you need 2 more levels of vertical space. Get the most out of your grill and smoke 'em all in the process.

  • Durable Construction

    We manufacture this accessory with cold, hard steel so you can elevate your smoke game year after year.

  • Expand Your Space

    Take your grill game vertical to get the most out of your cooking chamber.

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  • Texas
Great smoking rack
Very heavy duty and cleans up well, after making about 25 batches of jerky. Only complaint is that the two shelves are WAY too close together. Another inch or two would make loading the lower shelf much easier and would require such a small amount of redesign, I find it hard to believe that it hasn't been done already? I like the solution of cutting them apart and making a sleeve, just be sure to pick it up correctly or there could be protein abuse, letting something precious fall! ;)
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  • Utah
I found it very inconvenient to load bottom rack with jerky slices, so I cut each upright halfway up and, now I can remove the top rack completely then I slipped a hollow steel sleeve over each upright. Now I can completely remove top rack while I load the bottom one, then place the top rack into the sleeves and load it. This works much better. Traeger should do something like this to make the racks so they separate. But this is a satisfactory quick fix. Otherwise it works just great.
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I was surprised how heavy duty this smoke shelf is. This is not a flimsy, cheap shelf, but a very well made, solid unit. My only complaint is the bottom shelf is a little narrow which makes putting things on there a little bit of challenge.
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  • 4.4



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