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PTG Grill
4.520PTG Grill

The PTG+ is our Portable Tabletop Grill for outdoor chefs on the go. It makes the perfect companion when camping, tailgating, picnicking, boating, anywhere where you want a simple meal packed with flavor. Its convenient size and mobile design don’t sacrifice the taste you expect from a Traeger, so you can have your wood-fired taste, and move it too.

  • 173 sq. in. (11.5" x 15") grilling area
  • Plugs into a standard 110v outlet
  • Easily holds up to 8 burgers | 16 hot dogs

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Traeger grills take the labor-intensive element out achieving delicious wood-fired taste. Just set it and forget it, and let the Traeger do the rest.

The Process

  • Convection Process

    An induction fan circulates rich, hardwood smoke throughout the cook chamber for even heat and epic flavor distribution.

  • Hopper

    Load the hopper to the brim with 100% Hardwood for hours of smoking and grilling without reloading.

  • Auger

    It fuels the fire, moving Hardwood from Hopper to Fire Pot—briskly for hot and fast, or gradually for low and slow cooking.

  • Firepot

    A hot rod at the bottom of the Fire Pot ignites the Hardwood, keeping the fire going so you can relax and drink a cold one.

  • Energy Economy

    Powered by a standard, household outlet, it uses 300 watts for the first four minutes and only 50 watts for the rest of the cook.

  • Shut Down Cycle

    This sweet setting keeps the induction fan running for 10 minutes to lift residual ash from the fire pot and shuts off automatically.


16,000 BTU's
173 sq. in. (11.5" X 15") Grilling Area


Height: 13 inches
Width: 20 inches
Depth: 19 inches
Weight: 41 lbs

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  • Idaho
So far... so grill.
Getting this set up and running was a snap. Very happy about that. Just follow the instructions.

So far I've just made thin crust pizzas on it. They were awesome. This will be a regular for us.

Easily hit 450F. Very nice. Wish it could go just a touch higher.... I'm guessing it would if the controller let it, but who knows what would fail. Maybe the auger couldn't take it?

The paint definitely can't. Inside my paint is peeling near the firebox. This happened more or less instantly. Tech support says this is typical, but couldn't say if the paint was non-toxic... just told me not to put it on my food! well duh! but it is light and flaky and can float up during cooking all on its own. I will scrape it away and see what happens. In my opinion it is either a poor choice of finish or poor QC. don't know which. Either way it is a minor mark against.

We bought this unit for it's portability to use with our motor home and it is definitely a winner for that. Convenience and portability of gas with much more flexibility and better taste than a weber q which would have been the alternative.

The GMG Daniel Boon was an close second, but lost out due to the size and weight in the portability run off. It is more capable, but just too big to be truly portable.

All in all, I'm sold on it and will likely buy a full size unit for home.
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  • Kansas
Small apartment electric grill? Big results from Treager grill.
When one down sizes it's possible to up your grilling. Years of Weber for big family of four and there is just the two of us and we eat so much better than wurst and burgers. The difference is like eating chain restaurants and now fine dining. You just can't believe how wonderful salmon taste and to think eggs Benedict with salmon. This is not I Hop. And when you do a burger forget the bun and taste the meat. WOW.
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  • Colorado
Rain In Pellet HopperTep control
I have a Pro 34 and cooked a tone of meat great smoker, so I bought this little grill for small smoking and grilling worked great except the temp would raise to 320 on smoke setting customer service said to leave on smoke with lid open for 15 min and it should settle in at smoke temp.
also door is not rain prof had a little rain storm and it got in to the pellet hopper and grease pan.?
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  • 4.5



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Q. I cannot find serial number to register my grill. I bought it open box at Costco. Can you tell me where it's located?
Sally Johnson
Scottsdale , Arizona
A. The serial number is usually on a sticker under the hopper burner lid. You can give us a call at 1800 TRAEGER and we can help you register your grill.
Answered on Aug 18, 2017
Answered on Aug 18, 2017
Q. Can you smoke food on the ptg?
Bartlett, Tennessee
A. Yes, you can smoke with the PTG.
Answered on May 10, 2017
Answered on May 10, 2017
Q. Will a chicken fit if you want to do beer can chicken?
Wylie, Texas
A. The grill has a 5 inch clearance from the top of the grate to the top of the hood. you would not be able to cook beer can chicken in this model.
Answered on Apr 13, 2017
Answered on Apr 13, 2017
Q. I have a Lil Tex Traeger and it has a drip bucket on the side, where does the grease go on the PTG?
Grantsville, Utah
A. The drip bucket on the PTG is in the back and is not pictured. It is a smaller size than the regular bucket.
Answered on Mar 02, 2017
Answered on Mar 02, 2017
Q. What is pellet capacity
Charleston, South Carolina
A. Hi Buddy, the PTG will hold up to 5 lbs of pellets.
Answered on Dec 20, 2016
Answered on Dec 20, 2016

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