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Traeger's Turkey Cooking Guide

Posted by Traeger Service on November 18, 2013


Traeger's Turkey Cooking Guide


We receive several questions regarding cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey on the Traeger.  We will provide you with all the answers to ensure your Thanksgiving Turkey will be amazing!


The first thing you need to determie is whether or not you want to brine your turkey. If so, check out our "How to Brine a Turkey"  Click here! 

How Long To Cook Your Turkey?

Here is a guide to help you plan the cooking time of your turkey. Make sure to give yourself an additional hour in case your bird is not cooking as fast of the guide says. As always, plan on extra time for resting the finished product. 

How long to smoke your turkey, how long to cook your turkey


When smoking a turkey, keep it mind the skin can become slightly rubbery. Use some butter on the outside to crisp up the skin.  

What Pellets Should I use?

what wood pellets to use to smoke a turkey


From us here at Traeger to you, have a happy Thanksgiving!