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01.01.00 - RELEASED 3/5/19

1. Improved WiFi stability.

2. Enhanced grill performance during ignition.

Config Versions:

  • Pro 575 – 04.007
  • Pro 780 – 03.004
  • Ironwood 650 – 06.005
  • Ironwood 885 – 05.005
  • EU Timberline 850 – 02.013
  • EU Timberline 1300 – 01.012
  • Timberline 850 – 08.001
  • Timberline 1300 – 07.002

AC WiFIRE (Timberline)

02.00.01 - RELEASED 3/27/18

1. Enhancements to improve app stability and grill performance reporting.

01.01.05 – RELEASED 9/6/17

1. Improved smoke performance in warm weather.

01.01.04 – RELEASED 8/30/17

1. Improved temperature recovery when setting grill from high temperatures to a lower temperature and then increasing temperature.

01.01.03 – RELEASED RELEASED 7/26/17

1. Grill rebound response after lid has been opened

2. Updated shutdown sequence to maximize grill cool down for high temperatures.

3. Traeger highly recommends the removal of the collar below the induction fan if you experience hopper smoke during shutdown. Please contact 1-800-TRAEGER (1-800-872-3437) for assistance in removing the collar.

01.01.02 - RELEASED 7/6/17

1. Hot weather adjustment implemented to keep grill running at set temperature below 225F in high temp environment.

A. What can the customer expect?

a. This kicks into effect when ambient grill temperature is 90F or higher and the grill is set to 225F or below.

b. User will see bigger spikes, but average out to desired temperature over the cook. (Example: a customer in Phoenix used this in 115F weather. With grill set at 225F, his average temp for the 12 hour cook was 224F.)

c. PRO TIP: Run Super Smoke mode during use in hot outdoor temperatures.

2. Bug fix for "Downloading Software Update" and "Update Failed” errors.

A. This was affecting a small percentage of consumers with spotty Wi-Fi signals, commercial grade deep packet data inspection, or users that killed power to the grill when it stated not to turn off the grill.

01.01.01 - RELEASED 6/14/17

1. In v01.01.01, we equaled the startup sequence on temps over 300F to load pellets to match #2 of 1. Ignition Sequence.

This update fixed the issue causing the "hockey puck" in the firepot, resulting in an issue with airflow, ash, and pellets burning in the auger tube and jamming up. (Smoke coming out of the hopper was not addressed as that is something different. To avoid smoking coming out of hopper on shutdown, simply open the lid allowing the smoke to escape there instead of back the auger tube).

01.01.00 - RELEASED 5/24/17

1. Adjustments to start-up sequence, controller behavior at various temperatures, and fan behavior during preheat and temp settings.

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